Manage Numbers

Number Utilization

Read on to learn how to interpret the Number Utilization panel. 

About Number Utilization

On the Number Utilization panel on the Dashboard, you can view how many numbers you're using and have available.

Number Utilization screen

In use: Shows the numbers which are currently in use. In use numbers include assigned numbers, reserved numbers, registered numbers, and numbers allocated to an organization. 

Available: Shows the numbers which are unallocated and can be used by the administrator. 

Click anywhere on the Pie chart to see the number utilization in detail as below:

Number Utilization Details scree

The total quantity of available numbers is divided into 5 categories:

  • Available: The numbers which are currently not in use.
  • Reserved: The numbers which are tagged for later use.
  • Assigned: The numbers which are assigned to a user through invitation, but the user has not on-boarded yet.
  • Registered: The user has successfully on-boarded.
  • Allocated to Sub-Organizations: The numbers which are allocated to sub-organizations.

Utilization Threshold: It is the upper limit (in percentage) allocated for notifying the Administrator through an email, that he has utilized the maximum assigned threshold. Every time the administrator assigns a new number till all the available numbers are utilized, an email notifying the same will be sent. 

You can edit the Utilization Threshold percentage value to be anywhere between 1 to 100.

Example: In Figure 9 the Utilization Threshold is assigned as 80%. This means, when the Number Utilization percentage reaches 80%, the administrator will receive an email saying that the maximum assigned threshold has been reached. 

Manage Threshold menu screen


Request More Numbers: When you get an email notification that you have reached the assigned Utilization Threshold, you can request for more numbers using the steps below:

  • Click Request More Numbers.
  • A popup with the following message appears:

 Request for More Line Numbers screen

  • Click OK.
  • Send an email requesting for more numbers to the email address mentioned in the popup. 
  • You may also call on the number appearing in the popup.


Download Report: Two reports related to Consumption (Voice, Message and Data) and Number Utilization can be downloaded from two separate download icons on this screen. The same can be downloaded by following the below steps:

  1. Click  download icon (refer to Figure 4) to download the required report.
  2. Choose Open or Save to view or download the CSV file.

Number Status and Actions

Read on to learn about the Number Status and Actions feature


The Number Status and Actions section under the Setup tab has utilities for searching numbers and performing actions.

  • You can search numbers by number, tag, series, organization, or status
  • You can move numbers and add, edit, and delete reserve tags.

Number Status and Actions Screen

Before you begin

How to use the Search By panel

Use the Search By panel to refine your results. After making your selections, you will need to click the Search button. To undo your selections, click the Reset button.

  • Number / Tag:
    • Type into the field either the number you're looking for or a reserved tag
      Number / Tag field

      This field will perform partial searches. For example, if you search ‘1418’ and there are numbers or tags that have that sequence as a part of them such as 1418898476, 1876141877, 14787614181418_salestag, sales_14182, all these results will appear.

  • Series:
    • Use the checkboxes to restrict your search to one or more number series
      Series drop-down menu

    • Use the Search field within the filter to narrow down your options
  • Organization:
    • Use the checkboxes to restrict your search to one or more sub-organizations
      Organization drop-down menu

    • Use the Search field within the filter to narrow down your options
  • Status
    • Use the checkbox to restrict your search to one or more statuses including Available, Reserved, Assigned, and In Use
    • Hover over the question mark icon for a reminder of the meaning of each status
      Status drop-down menu

  • View Hierarchy
    • Click View Hierarchy to explore the sub-organizations within your organization

      The actions performed by the Admin depends on which organization they have logged into. For example, If a number in a grandchild org must be moved to the parent organization, then this action is not permitted. This is because the access of the grandchild org is within the org and all the orgs below it.

  • Sort:
    • Hover over the header row of your results to expose a Sort button
    • Click it once to sort results by that column. Click it again to reverse the sort order 
      • By default, it will display numbers from lowest to highest, characters from A to Z
      • Clicking again will display numbers from highest to lowest, characters from Z to A
        Number sort menu
  • Results:
    • Results appear displaying Series, Number, Organization, Status, and Reserved TagScreen showing results

How to move and reserve numbers

The menu icon in the Actions column will show Move and Reserve options for Available numbers. It will show the Move option for In Use and Reserved numbers. 

Action menu with Move and Reserve options

Move a number

  1. Click Move from the menu icon in the Action column.
    Move highlighted in Action menu

  2. There are two ways to select the organization you want to move the number to:
    1. Select an organization to display its sub-organizations and keep selecting until you have selected the organization you want to move the number to.
      choose organization menu

    2. Use the search field to pull up the sub-organization you want and select it.
      Choose organization menu with Search option used

  3. Click Move

Add, edit, and delete Reserved tags

You can add Reserved Tags to Available numbers. If a number is reserved, the Reserved tag column will contain the reserved tag, otherwise it will be blank.

Reserve a number

  1. Click Reserve from the menu icon in the Action column.
    Reserve option in Action menu

  2. In the field that appears in the Reserved Tag column, enter your tag name. Note: you cannot leave this field blank. 
    Save icon for reserved tag

  3. Click the check mark to save, or 'x' mark to cancel.

Edit a tag

  1. Click the Edit pencil in the Reserved Tag column.
    edit icon for reserved tag

  2. Edit the tag name in the field.
  3. Click the check mark to save, or 'x' mark to cancel.

Unreserve a number

  1. Click Unreserve from the action menu to remove the tag. Note: The status of the number will change from Reserved to Available. 
    Unreserve option in action menu

Manage Reserved Numbers

Read this to learn about how to work with reserved numbers, tagging them, editing and deleting tags, etc. 


Tags put numbers in the Reserved pool. Tags help admins find numbers that are reserved for a specific purpose.

  • You're required to add a tag to reserve a number. You can optionally reserve the number for a specific organization.
  • You can reserve and unreserve numbers from Number Status and Actions or from Number Management 
  • When numbers are initially deleted, the admin has a one-time option to tag the number and add a forwarding number. See Delete user and release, reserve, or forward calls
    • Note: After completing the deletion, it is impossible to forward a number that didn't initially have a forwarding number attached to it. 
    • However, if there is a forwarding number attached at that time, it can be edited or deleted. 

Before you start

Reserve a number

Reserve a number from Number Status and Actions

  1. Go to Setup > Number Status and Actions
  2. Click Reserve from the Actions menu and enter the tag name. Note: You can't leave tag name blank. 

To Unreserve, click Unreserve from the Actions menu. This will remove the tag from the number and put it in the Available pool. 

Reserve a number from Number Management

  1. Go to Setup > Number Management > Reserved.
    Reserved Number screen

  2. Click Reserve Number.
    Reserve number menu

  3. Select the number, enter the Tag, and select the Organization you are allocating the number to. Then click OK

A confirmation message will appear and the number will enter the Reserved Numbers list:
confirmation prompt

Edit a tag or forwarding number

  1. Go to Setup > Number Management > Reserved Numbers.
  2. Search for the Number or Tag to narrow your results, if desired.
  3. Click the Edit icon.
    Reserved tag with edit icon

  4. Edit the Tag then click Save.
  5. Click Forwarded to to edit the Forwarding Number. 
  6. Select Update the Number or Remove the Number according to your needs, then click Proceed.

Delete a tag

  1. Go to Setup > Number Management > Reserved Numbers.
  2. Search for the Number or Tag to narrow your results, if desired. 
  3. Click Remove.
    Reserved number with Remove option

  4. You can then confirm you want to delete the Tag. The number will be removed from the Reserved Numbers list. 

Withdraw Unused Numbers

Read this to learn how to withdraw an unused number.


Withdrawing a number will remove it from being allocated to that Sub-Organization and moves it to the immediate parent organization. You can only withdraw unused numbers.

Before you Start

Withdraw unused numbers

  1. Go to the sub-organization that has numbers allocated to it. 
  2. Go to Setup > Number Management > Bulk Number Operations > Allocated to Sub-Organization.
    Allocated to Sub-Organization sub-menu option
  3. Click on the organization to expand it and view the allocated number series and click Withdraw Numbers.
    organization expand and Withdraw Numbers option
  4. Enter the quantity to be withdrawn.
    withdraw numbers screen
  5. Click Proceed. Note: the quantity should not be greater than the Allocated Numbers.

You're done!

When completed a confirmation message will appear
confirmation screen

Allocate Numbers to Sub-organization

Read this to learn how to allocate a number to a sub-organization. 


Allocating a number to a sub-organization will force the number to only be used within that Sub-Organization. 

Before you Start

Allocate available numbers

  1. Go to the organization that has the available numbers that you want to allocate to a sub-organization. 
  2. Go to Setup > Number Management > Bulk Number Operations > Available.
    Setup sub-menu with Available section
  3. Select the Allocate Number button. Note: If there are no available numbers this option will not appear.
    Allocate number button on screen
  4. Select the Series, Quantity, and Sub Organization you want to allocate the numbers to, then select OK.
    Allocate Number menu