MultiLine for Intune FAQ

Answers to common questions about using the MultiLine for Intune app.

Why do I need to install Company Portal?

The Intune Company Portal provides you access to corporate apps and resources.

  • You need to set up Intune Company Portal App before installing MultiLine for Intune and other Work apps. 
  • During the initial setup, the app requires that you authenticate yourself with your organization. It then informs you of any device settings you must upgrade. For example, organizations often set minimum or maximum character password requirements on your device.

For more information, see What is device enrollment? [External Link].

What is MultiLine for Intune?

MultiLine for Intune is a secure, carrier-agnostic business application that enables employees to compliantly communicate with external clients through a separate business number on their own personal devices, specially built to be managed by Microsoft Intune. This version of MultiLine allows IT and mobility managers to secure their client communication data while ensuring employees are not using their personal number or other consumer messengers for business communications.  

MultiLine for Intune works over any iOS/Android device and can be deployed over any global carrier. MultiLine’s patented technology allows employees to make and receive calls on their business number over WiFi, mobile data and/or GSM (not VoIP-only) ensuring employees are always accessible and connected with their clients no matter where they work. 

  • Authenticate the same way you do other Work apps

    • Access MultiLine with the corporate credentials you use for Outlook or Office 365.
    • If applicable, download MultiLine from corporate-protected App or Play store.  
  • One-click sync to Exchange contacts

    • MultiLine for Intune automatically detects the Exchange contacts associated with your email ID.
  • Automatic phone number recognition

    • Whenever a phone number appears in your managed apps—within an SMS or messaging program, in an email, in the browser, the number will be rendered as a clickable link. Tap the link and the MultiLine for Intune call screen will automatically appear to make the call.

What information can my organization see when I enroll my device in Intune?

See What information can my organization see when I enroll my device? [external link]

Why do I need to install Microsoft Authenticator?

If you don't have Microsoft Authenticator already, you'll be prompted to install it when installing Company Portal. You'll need Microsoft Authenticator to use Single Sign On, so that you don't have to keep entering your password every time you launch the app.

Why do I sometimes see "You're using this app outside the Workspace" when I place a call?

When you place a minutes call using MultiLine for Intune, the application routes the call through the dialer of your personal phone. When this happens you may also see a relationship number dialed instead, but rest assured that your call is being placed correctly and still managed by the compliance policies required by your organization.

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