Add MultiLine Messaging App to Teams

Read on to learn how to add the MultiLine Messaging App to Teams


To use the MultiLine Messaging app, you must first add the MultiLine Messaging App to Teams. 

Before you start 

  • MultiLine Messaging integration isn't configured by default; Movius and your IT admins must set up the integration on the backend for these instructions to work.

How to add MultiLine Messaging App to Teams

You need to add the MultiLine Messaging app to Microsoft Teams.

  1. Click here to add the app.
    Note: you can also click the ... icon in Microsoft Teams to search for 'MultiLine Messaging' and click to add.
  2. Right click the app and click Pin.
    Note: Pinning the app makes it easy for you to find and use every day!

You're done!

Click the MultiLine Messages icon whenever you want to use MultiLine Messaging in Teams.


Error: "The username or password you entered do not match. Please contact your Administrator."

Resolution: MultiLine Messages app requires authentication using the username and password associated with your Exchange account.

If you entered your credentials manually, double-check that you have used your Exchange account credentials and entered everything correctly. If you didn't see a screen to enter your credentials, please contact your IT administrator (not Movius support) There may be an error in the configuration. 

Error: "Error logging in. Please contact your Administrator."

Resolution: Contact your IT administrator (not Movius support). There may be an error in the configuration.