Version 4.01.02 | Android Release Notes

T-Mobile MultiLine Android Apps v. 4.01.02 Release Notes

What's New?

User Interface Enhancements

Updates to the visual design that make the app experience more productive and intuitive. Below are just a few examples of the interface changes coming soon. 

Dialpad Recents Messages Settings Screen

Call Log Sync

Previously, users who uninstalled and reinstalled MultiLine had their call history cleared from MultiLine. Now, for up to 150 calls, Call History will be available after reinstallation of the app. 

Learn more at Set up Call & Messages Back-Up.

Tablet Support for MultiLine

Users may now use MultiLine Android apps on Tablets. The interface is now responsive on screens of 720x1280 in portrait mode. 

  • For tablets without SIM cards, Admins should provision users to use Data Only Onboarding .
  • At this time, users are only able to activate MultiLine for Intune on a phone or tablet device, not both. 
Keypad Screen - 720 x 1280

Contacts Screen - 720 x 1280

Messages Screen - 720 x 1280

Ringing and Notification Control - MS Teams and MultiLine mobile app (MultiLine only)

Users who sync their MultiLine calls with Microsoft Teams app, will now have the option to silence the ring on the MultiLine app so that both apps don't ring for incoming calls simultaneously. For the best calling experience, we recommend users that receive calls on the Microsoft Teams mobile app to silence ringing in MultiLine. 

When users activate MultiLine, or when Microsoft Teams calling is enabled for the first time, users will see a notification giving them the option to turn it off.  If the user changes their mind later, they can change it in their Call Settings. See Control MultiLine ring when using Teams

Notification to user when MS Teams is enabled
Notification sent to user if Admin disables MultiLine ringing
Option in Call Settings


Notice to user when turning on ringing

Bug Fixes



When messages are sent from ML app with airplane Mode ON, on Turning airplane mode and multiple duplicate messages are delivered to MT device.

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