WhatsApp Messaging - MultiLine Desktop

Read on to learn about sending WhatsApp messages in MultiLine Desktop. 


You can send WhatsApp messages from MultiLine Desktop. These message threads will sync between Desktop and your MultiLine mobile app. 

Before you start

  • WhatsApp messaging is an add-on purchase and must be configured by your administrator. If not enabled, the feature will not be available in the interface. 

How to send a WhatsApp message

You can send a WhatsApp message from Contact Details

  1. Select a contact to pull up their Contact Details.
  2. Select WhatsApp. 
  3. If its the first time messaging with the contact, confirm the message prompt to send the opt-in message. 
  4. Once the user confirms, you'll see a message letting you know you can begin messaging with the contact.
  5. Type your message and select the send button .

You'll be able to message freely as long as your contact has last messaged you for 24 hours. If the contact has not messaged you for 24 hours, you will need to send a template message to restart the conversation.