SMS group messaging in MultiLine Desktop

Read on to learn about SMS group messaging in MultiLine Desktop.


You can send group messages in the mobile app and in the desktop and your conversations will be synced in either device.

Creating a new group message

For messages and group messages, you can add participants by name or phone number. Before you can add additional participants, you must complete entering the name or number by pressing enter or comma, or selecting a result from the menu. 

  • When the participant has been added successfully, the name or number will appear in a shaded bubble.
  • You can use the x to remove participants before creating the chat
  • You can see the maximum number of participants allowed on the screen. In the example below, 4/10 means you can add up to 10 participants. 

A group message with multiple participants 

Editing a group message

If you add or delete participants in an existing group message thread, this will create a new group message thread. The original group messaging thread will continue to be available.

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