Version 4.01.02 HF1 | Android Release Notes

T-Mobile MultiLine Android Apps v. 4.01.02 HF1 Release Notes

What's New?

Changes to Ringing Control - MS Teams and MultiLine mobile app 

Recently, we released a Ringing Control feature that encouraged users to turn off ringing for incoming calls on MultiLine when using MultiLine integrated with the Teams application. This guidance was meant to prevent undesired app conflicts when both the MultiLine app and the Microsoft Teams mobile app are set to ring for incoming calls. However, the user could opt to ignore this guidance, and then the app conflicts for ringing on incoming calls would occur. 

Now, we are updating the Ringing Control feature to prevent the scenario entirely. Now, if the user chooses not to turn off ringing for incoming calls on MultiLine, ringing will be turned off in the integrated apps such as Teams. Only the MultiLine app will ring. If the user chooses to turn off ringing, then incoming calls will ring on integrated apps, including Teams or any apps we integrate with in the future. 

First Notice: When activating MultiLine, or when integrated app is added

Admin Notice: Lets the user know if an admin turns off ringing in the app

Confirmation Notice: Sent to user if user turns on ringing in the app using Call Settings

Bug Fixes

ID Description


Fix for app crashing and becoming unresponsive during Minutes mode calls. 

MOV-172 Fix for data calls going straight to voicemail when app is swipe killed and screen is locked. 

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