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Read on to learn about WhatsApp Group Messaging from the MultiLine Messaging app for Microsoft Teams. 


You can send WhatsApp Group Messages from the MultiLine Messaging App for Microsoft Teams. This feature allows multiple MultiLine users to be in a group chat with one WhatsApp user. MultiLine users can have multiple chats and group chats with the same WhatsApp user. 

WhatsApp Group messaging supports up to 10 MultiLine users in a conversation. Users can add other users to the conversation, remove other users from the conversation (coming soon!), and choose to share or not share group chat history. Users can also leave the conversation and request to rejoin a conversation. 

Before you start

  • Users can only add MultiLine users within their region to a group conversation.

Create a new group chat

  1. Select the New Message icon, then WhatsApp, or select the WhatsApp icon from a contact's information screen to begin. 
  2. If you've had a conversation with the user before, previous chats or group chats with the user will appear. Select New chat

Add a participant to a 1:1 conversation

  1. Select Confirm to send the Opt-In message. The user will be presented with the option to "Start Conversation". If selected, you'll see a message confirming the contact has opted in.
  2. Select the message menu icon then select Add user to conversation
  3. Use the Search bar to pull up a list of matching users you can add to the conversation.
  4. Add the user.
    1. Select the radio button for the desired user. 
    2. By default, the Share chat history toggle is off, to share the chat history, switch the toggle to on. 
    3. Select Add.
  5. You'll see a confirmation message that you've added the user to the conversation.

Add a participant to a group chat

  1. Select the info icon.
  2. Select Add user to conversation.

Leave a conversation

  1. Select the info icon.
  2. Select Leave conversation.
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