Click-to-Dial numbers and conference codes

Read on to learn about Click-to-Dial. 

Notice to iOS users: If you're facing issues dialing conference codes, please upgrade to the latest version of iOS. See this bulletin for more information. 

What is Click-to-Dial?

The Click-to-Dial feature automatically detects and renders phone numbers as links, and allows users to simply click the link to initiate a call using MultiLine. This includes calling contacts, numbers in emails and other apps, and conference bridges.  

For conference bridges, Click-to-Dial allows users to avoid dialing lengthy numbers and PINS, because with a single click, MultiLine apps dials the number, characters (including # or *) and additional digits in the dial string, such as Conference Codes and PINs.

How do I use Click-to-Dial?

When you see a clickable phone number or conference number, simply click the link. The dialer will pre-populate with number and then you need only tap the Call icon to place the call. 

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