MultiLine SMS Messaging - Microsoft Teams Connector

Read on to learn about messaging using the MultiLine Messaging App in Microsoft Teams. 


When your organization uses the MultiLine Messaging App in Microsoft Teams, you can message from your MultiLine number in Microsoft Teams.

When you message someone from Teams using the MultiLine Messaging app, they'll see your MultiLine number. If someone texts your MultiLine number, the text will be sent to your MultiLine app and Teams. 

Before you Start 

  • MultiLine Messaging for Microsoft Teams is not available by default; Movius and your IT admins must set up the application on the backend for this to work. 

Send a message

The MultiLine Messaging tab is used for messaging. 

  1. Click the MultiLine messages icon MultiLine Utility Icon to access the app. 
  2. Click the   New Message icon.
  3. If your organization is using WhatsApp messaging, click on the type of message you want to send.
  4. As you type the name or phone number, a list of matching contacts will appear. Select or add at least one participant.
  5. To create a group message, add multiple participants into the To: field.
  6. Type your message in the bottom right
    • Click to select an emoticon
    • Click to send an image file. 
  7. Click or press 'enter' to send the message

For WhatsApp Messages you'll also see an option to send a Message Template .

If you click the Message Template icon, you will see a list of options to select. 

How to receive messages

When you have received a new message you will see a brief notification:

You will also see an Activity notification:

  1. Either click on any of the notifications, or click the chat directly to open the message thread.
  • Orange badges represent new unread messages.

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