Making Calls
Read on to learn about making calls.  Overview There are multiple ways to place a call in MultiLine: from the  Keypad , from the  Recents  tab, and from your Contacts list. Before you start Your organization may enable or ...
Call Settings: Set Data or Minutes calling modes
We want to ensure you stay connected with clients from anywhere. Our patented technology allows you to make and receive calls over wifi, data, and cellular regardless of your underlying carrier. Overview Minutes mode means MultiLine   doesn&#...
Call Handling: Sequential and Simultaneous Dial, Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding
Sequential or simultaneous
About Call Icons
Read on to learn about the meaning of icons you will see in your recent calls.  Overview When you go to your list of recent calls, you see information about your most recent call with each party and an icon. If you go to the details, you can ...