MultiLine provides you a phone within a phone, which includes a separate dialer, call log, and caller ID. When you call in MultiLine, you'll use your MultiLine number and the professional identity set up by your administrator. We promise it is as easy to use as the call app on your phone.

MultiLine automatically handles any compliance requirements such as call recording, call recording announcements, and more.

Calls - MultiLine

Calling in MultiLine

Call Settings - MultiLine

Understanding MultiLine Call Settings: Wi-Fi Only, Data, and Minutes modes

Call Handling - MultiLine

Setting how you handle calls in MultiLine, including Sequential and Simultaneous Dial, Do Not Disturb, and Call Forwarding.

Caller ID - MultiLine

Understanding MultiLine Caller ID settings

3-Party and Conference Calling - MultiLine

Making 3-Party or Conference Calls in MultiLine

Transfer a Call - MultiLine

Transferring Calls in MultiLine

Click-to-Dial numbers and conference codes

Using the Click-to-Dial funcitonality in MultiLine

Call Icons - MultiLine

Understanding the meaning of Call Icons