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  1. Get started: MultiLine

  2. The Complete Guide to Deploying MultiLine

  3. What is MultiLine?

    Welcome to MultiLine. Read on to learn about what MultiLine is.  Overview MultiLine apps provide users a separate business number for all work calls, texts, voicemail, and contacts on their smart phone. Most organizations choose us because t...
  4. MultiLine for Intune Installation Guide for Intune Admins

    Intune for IT and Admins onboarding
  5. Find and use your invitation

    Everything you need to get started will be sent to you in a MultiLine invitation. You can use it to start the activation process.  Before you start: If you're using MultiLine for Intune... You need to download and install Company ...
  6. Can Movius for BlackBerry access contacts in the address book in the phone? Can I just go to the contact and dial through Movius for BlackBerry?

    Movius for BlackBerry users can add contacts using three different contact source settings.  In the MultiLine Settings menu, the Contact Settings offer three options for you to select from: Native Contacts : Movius will use the contacts in t...
  7. Get started with Contacts

    contacts and exchange
  8. Call Handling: Sequential and Simultaneous Dial, Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding

    Sequential or simultaneous
  9. Call Settings: Set Data or Minutes calling modes

    call settings minutes or data
  10. How do I contact support?

    How to get in touch with support.