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  1. Get started: MultiLine

  2. Why is my phone not "waking up" to notify me I received a MultiLine SMS?

    iOS and Android both allow every user to set up different notification settings for each application on an individual basis.  It is likely that your settings for Notifications may need modification if you want MultiLine Text Messages to "W...
  3. What is MultiLine?

    Welcome to MultiLine. Read on to learn about what MultiLine is.  Overview MultiLine apps provide users a separate business number for all work calls, texts, voicemail, and contacts on their smart phone. Most organizations choose us because t...
  4. Sending and replying to WhatsApp Messages

    Read on to learn about sending and replying to messages with WhatsApp Messaging Connector.  Overview The WhatsApp Messaging Connector allows compliant WhatsApp messaging directly inside MultiLine.  MultiLine users can send WhatsApp mes...
  5. Call Handling: Sequential and Simultaneous Dial, Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding

    Sequential or simultaneous
  6. How to uninstall the Workspace/Company Portal

    Follow these instructions if you're instructed to uninstall Company Portal for troubleshooting purposes. If you don't have a work profile installed (you tapped Postpone during onboarding), you can delete Company Portal like any other app.&...
  7. Can Movius for BlackBerry access contacts in the address book in the phone? Can I just go to the contact and dial through Movius for BlackBerry?

    Movius for BlackBerry users can add contacts using three different contact source settings.  In the MultiLine Settings menu, the Contact Settings offer three options for you to select from: Native Contacts : Movius will use the contacts in t...
  8. What Admin Roles are in Management Portal?

    Read this to see the list of all the activities that can be added to Roles. Roles define which activities an admin has access to in the portal.
  9. Get started with Contacts

    contacts and exchange
  10. Using MultiLine for WhatsApp messaging

    Read on to learn about using MultiLine for WhatsApp messaging. For more information, see our WhatsApp FAQ .  ...