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  1. Get started with MultiLine

  2. Intune Integration

  3. How do I contact support?

    When you need help from support, tap your Settings  menu, then Help,  then Contact Support . Tap the menu icon ⋮ in the bottom right (iOS) or upper right-hand corner (Android). Tap Settings , then Help , then Contact Support. ...
  4. Register a Facebook for Business Account and complete business verification

    Registering a  Facebook for Business account [external link] is required to enable WhatsApp Messaging Connector for MultiLine.  Confirm that you have a Business Page on Facebook and work with the Facebook Business Manager (the person who...
  5. Can Movius for BlackBerry access contacts in the address book in the phone? Can I just go to the contact and dial through Movius for BlackBerry?

    Movius for BlackBerry users can add contacts using three different contact source settings.  In the MultiLine Settings menu, the Contact Settings offer three options for you to select from: Native Contacts : Movius will use the contacts in t...
  6. What is MultiLine?

    MultiLine Apps give you a separate business number for all your work calls, texts, voicemail, and contacts. MultiLine integrations and connectors allow the apps to work with your existing corporate app ecosystem. Mobile apps All MultiLine mobile a...
  7. Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Admins

    How to enable two factor authentication for Management Portal Admins
  8. Store and Forward with Digital Safe

    This article provides a description of Digital Safe, an option of the Movius solution that provides offloading of voice, SMS recordings, and (if enabled) WhatsApp messages using SFTP.
  9. Feature Tours

  10. Guide to updating invitations for simplified onboarding

    MultiLine email and message invitations have been updated to offer a streamlined experience. Email invitations can now include a user-friendly "Download and Activate" button and QR Code. This new onboarding experience makes it easy for use...