MultiLine WhatsApp Template Message - Microsoft Teams Connector

Read on to learn about sending a WhatsApp Template Message in Microsoft Teams Connector.


After a contact hasn't replied to a conversation with a WhatsApp Business account user for more than 24-hours, Meta requires Business users to use pre-set templates to message users. These templates are pre-vetted to not contain spam, promotional materials, or other content in violation of Meta Business policies. 

When it has been more than 24-hours since the last message from the user, you will see a notification message letting you know.


You will only be able to send template messages and other messages will be disabled. 

Send a Template Message

You can send the the template message from the template icon within the message field. 

  1. Select the Template Message icon in the left of the message field.

  2. A list of one or more template messages will appear. Select the one you want from the list.

  3. The message content will appear in the field. Select the Send icon.

  4. The WhatsApp user must reply for you to continue the conversation.