Salesforce Integration Release Notes

MultiLine for Salesforce v1.40 Release Notes

The latest version v1.40 of "Multiline for Salesforce" is now live in AppExchange.

What's new?

  • Enabled WebRTC Support
  • Bug Fixes

MultiLine for Salesforce v1.38 Release Notes

The latest version v1.38 of "Multiline for Salesforce" is now live in AppExchange.

What's New?

  • 988 Emergency Number Support - MultiLine for Salesforce now supports calls to the emergency hotline using the 988 short code. Learn more at Emergency numbers 911 and 988

MultiLine for Salesforce v1.36 Release Notes

The latest version v1.36 of "Multiline for Salesforce" is now live in AppExchange.

What's New?

Note: The documentation for Bulk User Import Configuration for Salesforce is password protected, if you have not received your password, please request it from your Movius contact.

MultiLine for Salesforce Oct 21st Release Notes

What's new in MultiLine for Salesforce?

  • UI Fixes: 
    • Added Call icon to Ongoing Call Screen
    • Updated Template icon
    • Added Hint Text "Type Number Here" to dial pad
    • Changed "Recent" Icon to "Call Icon" on dial pad
  • UI Enhancements 
    • Dial pad Interface Improvements
    • Settings Interface Improvements
    • Task Log Interface Improvements
    • During an incoming and outgoing call from a new number, user can now add the contact, lead, or account directly within MultiLine for Salesforce
    • New alert for incoming text on ML for SF app must be indicated by a notification icon
    • User can now enable and disable the push notification for incoming texts/ calls using a toggle button. 
      • If the push notification is enabled, user can adjust the ringing volume for calls and sound for incoming texts on a scale of 0-5 (5 being the highest).

MultiLine for Salesforce v1.42 Release Notes

Announcing the latest version v1.42 of "Multiline for Salesforce" is now live in AppExchange

What's new?

  • 11 Bugs retested & cancelled from the backlog
  • 7 Application bugs solved from the backlog
  • Major Achievements - Code Cleanup & Optimization

More details available on request.

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