Desktop FAQ

Answers to common questions about using the MultiLine Desktop application.

How do I get my credentials for MultiLine Desktop?

Credentials to sign in to MultiLine Desktop are in the MultiLine invitation. 

  • New MultiLine user
    • Your MultiLine Desktop credentials will be sent to you by your IT admin in a MultiLine invitation by email. 
    • Use the same username and password for activating MultiLine and logging into MultiLine Desktop for the first time. 
    • Click the link to access the MultiLine Desktop web portal (pin the tab or save it to your bookmarks bar for easy retrieval).

  • Existing MultiLine users
    • Your organization's IT admins will provide you the unique URL of your MultiLine Desktop web portal (pin the tab or save it to your bookmarks bar for easy retrieval).
    • You can use the same username and password from your MultiLine invitation to log into MultiLine Desktop. 
    • If you've lost your MultiLine invitation:
      • Set a new password by using Forgot Password 
      • Request your IT administrator to send you a new one. 

When you log in to MultiLine Desktop for the first time, you'll be asked to change your password for security purposes. Note: Continue to use the password in your latest MultiLine invitation whenever you need to reactivate the MultiLine mobile app. 


You receive MultiLine invitations from your company or organization's IT administrators. Movius representatives cannot send you invitations.

If I set Do Not Disturb on my mobile, will it apply to MultiLine Desktop?

Yes, if you set Do Not Disturb on your mobile, MultiLine Desktop will not ring either and the calls will go to voicemail.

If I set a Business Hours schedule on my mobile, does it apply to MultiLine Desktop?

Yes, if you set Business Hours, calls outside business hours will go to your voicemail and MultiLine Desktop will not notify you of the calls.

Can I upload my mobile MultiLine local contacts or native contacts to MultiLine Desktop?

We don't currently support directly uploading MultiLine local contacts or native contacts to MultiLine Desktop. There is no sync between mobile MultiLine local contacts and MultiLine Desktop. 

Currently, we support access to Exchange Contacts. If you add your local or native contacts to the Exchange server, you'll be able to use them in MultiLine Desktop. 

If I block a number on mobile, will the number be blocked in MultiLine Desktop?

No, there is no call blocking currently for Desktop. We are currently working on adding the ability to block numbers in MultiLine Desktop. 

How can I get my local contacts back after switching to Exchange? Can I switch my email used?

You can only use Exchange contacts with your registered email. Once you sync to Exchange, it is impossible to return back to local contacts. We are working on adding the ability to return to local contacts, and to use Native and Local contacts options.

Why is there no ring tone played for some incoming calls to MultiLine Desktop? (Chrome/Safari)

Many web users were bothered by nuisance audio coming from web sites that automatically play when a page is loaded, such as that from videos and advertisements. To address this, Chrome and Safari browsers added a feature that blocks audio by default from web pages if the page or tab is refreshed, but not clicked on by the user. 

Therefore, if you haven't accessed the MultiLine Desktop tab since the last time it refreshed (for example, if you closed and restarted chrome and loaded your tabs from the previous session) the ringing sound will be blocked. However, you'll still be able to see the visual notification of the incoming call. 

To unblock the ringtone from being played, open the tab where MultiLine Desktop has recently refreshed and click anywhere within the MultiLine Desktop application and this should ensure that the ring sound will play.

Can I change my ringtone in MultiLine Desktop?

Unlike the mobile app, there's no option to change ringtone at at this time. We plan to offer it in a future release.