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Answers to common questions about MultiLine privacy.

How does MultiLine protect my privacy?

MultiLine applications address a common problem for BYOD adoption among regulated users. Carrying multiple phones around, your work phone and your personal phone, would be cumbersome. However, if you use your personal phone for work, or your work phone for personal, you potentially would sacrifice your privacy. 

MultiLine provides you a separate number, separate contact list, and separate voicemail. It doesn't collect any information from your personal calls, contacts, or messages, nor does it put any corporate information on your personal device. This way, your personal number and personal life can be separate from work. 

MultiLine EMM integrations can take this even further, by fully separating work apps from personal apps, and ensuring that your organization can ensure compliance without touching your private life. 

Why does MultiLine request access to Contacts?

MultiLine applications are specially designed to protect user privacy. 

The Contacts permission is only required for the following reasons:

  • Proper display of Caller ID information, 
  • Enabling one-time import of contacts into MultiLine Contacts,
  • Enabling sync with your Contacts app. 

MultiLine does not read, store, transmit, or share any of your personal Contacts information. It will never upload or store any contact to any server or cloud. 

The MultiLine mobile apps must add a single contact to your personal Contacts list which is only used for routing calls when you use the cellular network. For best experience, please don't delete this contact. 

Learn more about Contact List Settings

Why does MultiLine request access to Location?

MultiLine apps are built to respect your privacy while delivering the ability to make calls over minutes or VOIP (Data mode).

We must request the Location permission to provide Data calling because your current WIFI network SSID is considered sensitive location information. To provide you calling over the WIFI network SSID you are currently connected to therefore requires enabling Location permission.

For users in the United States, this information may also used in the case you dial 911 and cannot provide your number to emergency services. For location reliability reasons, we recommend making emergency calls over Minutes and only call over Data as a last resort. 

If you do not want to provide the Location permission, you'll only be able to use Minutes mode to make calls. See Call Settings: Set Data or Minutes calling modes

For instructions on how to enable the Location permission see:

Are picture messages I send and receive in MultiLine stored in my camera roll or anywhere on my personal device?

No. We understand our customers need the separation of business and personal, so photos or multimedia sent and received won't save to your personal camera roll or any folder on your personal device.

What is your Privacy Policy and CPNI Policy?

Privacy Policy

Movius is committed to maintaining your privacy. We developed our application around the importance of the separation of business and personal. However, some personal information is required for our applications to work for you. You are entitled to know how our MultiLine applications will collect, use, and protect the personal information you give us. 

The Privacy Policy describes how we collect and may disclose personal information, including the following: 

  • What personal information we collect 
  • How we use it
  • How long we maintain it
  • When and to whom we disclose it
  • How we restrict our use of it for marketing purposes, and 
  • How we protect your rights concerning it and its disclosure

It's available in-app and online:

  • MultiLine App users can view the policy in the Settings menu under Help > Terms and Privacy Policy. 
  • MultiLine Desktop users can view the policy in their Settings menu under Terms and Privacy Policy. 
  • Anyone can view the policy at our web site:


Movius is committed to maintaining the privacy of its customers and subscribers. In addition to protecting your personal information as outlined in Movius’ Privacy Policy, we are obliged to give additional protections to certain information about how you use the MultiLine Service provided by Movius. However, that information can help us customize and improve services we offer you.

Read our CPNI Policy at 

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