Number Management

The Number Management section under the Setup tab has utilities for managing numbers. 

Tasks you can perform include:

  • Allocate number(s) to a department or sub-organization. 
  • Reserve a number for an individual or a role with a Tag.
  • View numbers allocated to a department/sub-organization and withdraw unused number(s).


  • Available numbers are numbers which are not yet used, reserved, or allocated to any organization.
  • Series collect numbers by country code or area code. This is configured in the Service portal. 
    • Click the dropdown menu to see the list of available numbers
    • You can search any number series in the search bar to narrow your results
  • You can allocate numbers from this screen by clicking Allocate Number.
    • You'll select the Series, the Quantity of numbers to allocate, and the Sub Organization, then click OK.


You can reserve specific numbers for an individual or a role. 

  • To reserve a number, search for the number you wish to reserve from the list of available numbers.
  • You can key in the first few numbers to narrow down the search. 
  • Click next to the existing Tag and clickto allocate a new tag.

  • You can also allocate that reserved number to a specific department/ sub-organization.

Allocated to Sub-Organization

A number that is allocated to a sub-organization can only be used by that sub-organization or child organization. 

This tab allows you to see a department/sub-organization and the count of numbers allocated to it.

How to withdraw an unused number

Withdrawing a number will remove it from being allocated to that Sub-Organization and moves it to the immediate parent organization. You can only withdraw unused numbers.

  1. Click on the organization to expand it and view the allocated number series.

    2. Click Withdraw Numbers.

    3. A message window pops up as below:

    4. Enter the quantity to be withdrawn. 

    5. Click Proceed. Note: the quantity should not be greater than the Allocated Numbers.

 A confirmation notification appears as below: