MultiLine for WhatsApp FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the WhatsApp Messaging connector for MultiLine.

What is MultiLine for WhatsApp Messaging?

Read on to learn about MultiLine for WhatsApp Messaging.


MultiLine for WhatsApp allows compliant WhatsApp messaging directly inside the  MultiLine app. 

  • MultiLine users can send WhatsApp messages to contacts, and they can read and reply to WhatsApp messages on the MultiLine messages screen alongside SMS and Voicemail messages.
  • WhatsApp users receive messages from the MultiLine user as coming from an official WhatsApp business account.
  • You can also use WhatsApp on Desktop/MultiLine Messages for Teams. 


  • Engage with clients on their preferred consumer messaging channel 
  • Help unify and bring together mobile voice and multiple messaging channels in a single, convenient user experience 
  • Ability to record and archive all conversations over voice, SMS, and WhatsApp within MultiLine for surveillance and compliance
  • All conversations are captured and can be automatically be sent to existing compliance archive and logged inside CRM


  • Shared messages inbox containing SMS and WhatsApp messages threads
  • Supports messaging between MultiLine users in MultiLine apps and external WhatsApp users
  • Supports many-to-one group messaging for multiLine users and external WhatsApp user. 
  • Enforces mandatory opt-in from WhatsApp user
  • MultiLine app detects if WhatsApp is not enabled for the receiving user and offers fallback to SMS
  • Supports data loss prevention feature with ability to redact or block WhatsApp messages as per business defined policy
  • Optional recording of all WhatsApp messages (with recording add-on)
  • Support for iOS and Android

Comparison to other available options

  • Background Recording Agents snoop on all data and network traffic on the user phone. Our WhatsApp Channel respects the user's phone privacy and never accesses private use of the phone. 
  • Modified WhatsApp apps are unapproved clones that add the recording feature. Our WhatsApp Channel is approved, and abides by all WhatsApp policies.

Does MultiLine access my personal WhatsApp?

No, MultiLine doesn't access your personal WhatsApp at all. When you use MultiLine as your official business app to securely call and message external clients, you'll be using your separate business number which is connected to your company's official WhatsApp account. This keeps your work messaging completely separate from your personal number and personal WhatsApp account.

Can all the messages I send and receive using MultiLine for WhatsApp be recorded?

Your organization can compliantly and securely capture all the messages you send and receive on the  WhatsApp Business Messaging channel, if configured.

Can I make a WhatsApp voice call, video call, or send voice messages in MultiLine?

This is only a messaging service, and does not support voice, video, or multimedia messages. If you or your client tries to send unsupported content, the person who tries to send it will see an explanatory automessage.

Do opt-in requests time out?

No, once you send an opt-in request, your client can say "Yes" at any time to reply. However, if you think they'll benefit from a reminder, you can send a new opt-in every 24 hours.

What is my client's experience when we use the WhatsApp messaging channel?

The contact will receive the messages natively in their WhatsApp application. 

  • Your account will be associated with a branded business profile for the client to view. 
    • The client can access the business profile by clicking the green check.
    • The user profile appears

      A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated
  • Messages you send will include your name at the start, as set up by your administrator (Example: "Melanie"):

Can I WhatsApp between MultiLine users in the app?

No. The other party is required to have an active account on the WhatsApp messaging app.

The WhatsApp messaging connector only allows you to send WhatsApp messages to WhatsApp users from within MultiLine. It is essentially a bridge from MultiLine to a WhatsApp business account. That business account can only send and receive messages from WhatsApp users, not from MultiLine users.

Note however, that we do allow for group chats with WhatsApp users, so multiple MultiLine users can participate in the same chat with a WhatsApp user.