Enable Microsoft Teams for a user

Read this to learn how to enable Microsoft Teams integration for users who will use the same number for Microsoft Teams and MultiLine. 


Enabling Microsoft Teams integration will allow for the user's mobile phone and Microsoft Teams integration to ring simultaneously, so the user can pick up the call at their desk or when they're mobile. Note: Microsoft Teams integration is disabled by default.  

Before you start 

  • Organizations do not have the option to enable Microsoft Teams by default. If your organization hasn't opted for this feature, you'll be unable to follow the steps below. Contact your Customer Success Team for more information.
  • An admin must have "Accounts" Privilege in their Role in the organization to do these instructions.  See What Admin Privileges are in Management Portal?.

Enable Microsoft Teams

  1. When adding a user or editing a user, go to a User's Profile tab. 
  2. Click on the checkbox for PBX Phone to enable. Note: we are using the PBX Phone connector to establish the connection to Microsoft Teams. 
  3. Click Save

 Example of the PBX Phone option available in the Profile tab. 

See Using Microsoft Teams Integration for information on the user experience.