General FAQ

How does MultiLine provide a second number?

There are a few ways you can get a separate Work number on your smartphone:

  • Getting an additional SIM Card
  • Using a VOIP number
  • the MultiLine way

Your MultiLine number is the product of a unique patented technology created by Movius. Unlike a SIM Card, you don't have to buy or insert anything into the phone, you only need to install and activate the MultiLine mobile application or activate the MultiLine Desktop application to get your Work number. Unlike a VOIP number, your MultiLine number is a real, carrier-grade number. This means that unlike with VOIP, you don't need an Internet connection to make calls.

Our app is built with user privacy, security, and ease-of-use in mind. If your organization needs reports on your company use of the phone, your private calls and messages will be completely private and only your Work call and message data are captured as necessary. If your organization needs recordings for compliance or regulatory oversight, only your Work calls and messages will be captured. 

What devices does MultiLine work on?

  • MultiLine mobile applications work on any Android or iOS smartphone
  • MultiLine Desktop applications work on any desktop or tablet
    • Browser Compatibility
      • Chrome 90.0.4430 or above
      • Safari 14 or above
      • MS Edge 90.0.818.39 or above 

Will using MultiLine increase my personal mobile bill?

We anticipate that there will be little or no change to the monthly mobile phone bill of most employees. First, most mobility plans include unlimited text and voice calling—so no extra costs there. Second, MultiLine supports text, voice, and data on Wi-Fi networks—so that’s free. Third, even for people with tiered data plans, the average data usage for MultiLine is only 100MB per month, which isn’t likely to push anyone over the typical 3 - 4 GB monthly limit.

What type of numbers does MultiLine support?

The MultiLine service can support any phone numbers, including any country code, or any area code. 

Although technologically, MultiLine could support short codes, vanity numbers, and hotlines, the service is optimized for 1:1 communications. 

What languages are supported?

English, Spanish and Portuguese languages are natively supported.

How do I purchase a subscription for MultiLine?

If you're looking to buy MultiLine for your organization, please book a call with us.