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Written By Melanie Allen (Administrator)

Updated at May 10th, 2021

Welcome to MultiLine WhatsApp Messaging connector!

Getting Started

If you're being granted access to WhatsApp messaging for the first time, you may see a prompt letting you know the feature has been activated. Click OK to dismiss.

Send a WhatsApp Message

The WhatsApp Messaging connector lets you send messages to WhatsApp contacts directly to your contacts from the MultiLine application.


  • Your organization must have enabled WhatsApp for you for this feature to be available.
  • You do not need to download WhatsApp to message using our connector. 
  • If you already have WhatsApp, our connector is completely separate and your personal WhatsApp messages will remain private.
  • The WhatsApp messaging connector provides messaging only. Multimedia, and voice messages, or voice and video calls are not supported.
  • You'll only be able to send freeform messages for 24 hours after initiating a WhatsApp conversation session. Afterwards, you'll need to initiate a new session by sending a WhatsApp Message Template.

Send a WhatsApp message

You can only send WhatsApp messages to users in your contacts. If you need help setting up your contacts, see Add Contacts.

  1. Open your contacts and find the person you want to message. 
  2. Click the green WhatsApp icon.
  3. When you message a user for the first time, you'll be prompted to send them an opt-in message. This is required to begin messaging, so click Confirm.
  4. The contact will receive the messages natively in their WhatsApp application. 
    • Your account will be associated with a branded business profile for the client to view. 
      • The client can access the business profile by clicking the green check.
      • The user profile appears
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  5. The contact must accept the Opt-In for the conversation to continue.

WhatsApp conversation histories are stored on your Messages screen with a WhatsApp icon. You can reply to the conversation in your list, or you can open your contacts and find the person you want to message.

Send a WhatsApp Message Template

When a WhatsApp contact doesn't reply to a conversation for 24 hours, the ability to type new messages to the customer is turned off. This is a policy of the WhatsApp/Facebook to prevent people using business accounts to spam, harass, or advertise to WhatsApp users.  

After a customer hasn't replied for 24 hours, you'll see a message letting you know and telling you to use the Message Templates feature.

Message Templates are short, non-transactional, non-promotional messages that your organization gets pre-approved by WhatsApp ahead of time. 

Send a Message Template

  1. Click the Templates icon.
  2. You'll see the list of templates to choose from, tap a message to select it.
  3. The message will enter the field, click the Send button.
  4.  Your contact must reply to the message for a new conversation session to begin. 
    • Until then, you'll still be limited to sending message templates.

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