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Set up, understand permissions, and log in

Written By Samuel Grinis (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 11th, 2020

You'll be asked to enter the Username, Password, and Company ID enclosed in your invitation and grant permissions.

  1. Open the app and when prompted, enter the Company ID provided
  2. Enter the following:
    1. Phone number
      • Use a phone number you can use to receive an SMS message containing a PIN. Don't use your MultiLine number
    2. Username (phone number or email, depending on your invitation)
      • If it's your phone number, include the 1 before the number
    3. Password
  3. Enter the pin you received
  4. Grant the requested permissions Note: Some permission requests won't appear until you use a feature that requires them in the app. 

Enabling ALL device permissions is necessary for MultiLine to function properly and meet your personal and business needs

Below is a breakdown of the permission requests


MultiLine requests access to your contacts. This enables it to sync with your native contact list or do a one-time import and store contacts locally. All of this can be set up from within Settings and can be changed at any time. MultiLine does not store any native contact data on the platform.

MultiLine will create a contact on your native contact list titled MultiLine_Work. Do NOT delete this contact. It contains all of your MultiLine contact library, regardless of which Contact Mode you set.

Location Services

MultiLine requests access to your location only to support E911 functionality in cases of emergency. This information cannot be accessed by administrators and is not recorded in any way.


MultiLine requests access to your photos in order to assign photos to contacts and to send MMS messages (coming soon). 


MultiLine requests access to your microphone in order to make/receive phone calls, set custom voicemail greetings, and record calls (when Mobile Recording is enabled). Your MultiLine app will not function without access to the microphone.

Note: the term “record audio” is used when asking for microphone access, but we do not record anything outside of the MultiLine app or when Mobile Recording is disabled.


Granting notification permission enables MultiLine to send you notifications when you receive an SMS or a call through the app. This will appear the same way it does when you receive a text or a call on your native device: a banner on your lock screen, and a red dot on the app itself.

To help reduce unwanted calls, please register your number with the US Government Do Not Call database at: https://www.donotcall.gov/

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