Why can't I add someone from a different department to my WhatsApp group chat?


You are unable to add someone from a different department to a WhatsApp group message. 


When your company sets up MultiLine through the Movius Management Portal, they map the company in sub-organizations according to the structure of your company. This is done so that each branch of your company gets the feature settings they need. 

When it comes to the WhatsApp Messaging Connector, users that are in the same organization have the same phone number. Group messaging enables members of the same sub organization to talk to a user, but at this time, it can't enable users of different sub organizations to join the message. 


  • Although users in different sub organizations can't join the same group message, you can both have 1:1 chats with the client.
  • If this is causing a consistent issue, you may be able to request your IT admin to put you both in the same sub-organization.