WhatsApp Messaging Connector Product Document

Read this to get started with WhatsApp Messaging Connector


The WhatsApp Messaging Connector allows compliant WhatsApp messaging directly inside MultiLine. 

  • MultiLine users can send WhatsApp messages to contacts, and they can read and reply to WhatsApp messages on the MultiLine messages screen alongside SMS and Voicemail messages.
  • WhatsApp users receive messages from the MultiLine user as coming from an official WhatsApp business account.


  • Engage with clients on their preferred consumer messaging channel 
  • Help unify and bring together mobile voice and multiple messaging channels in a single, convenient user experience 
  • Ability to record and archive all conversations over voice, SMS, and WhatsApp within MultiLine for surveillance and compliance
  • All conversations are captured and can be automatically be sent to existing compliance archive and logged inside CRM


  • Call, SMS and WhatsApp – all within MultiLine app
  • Shared messages inbox containing SMS and WhatsApp messages threads
  • Supports one-to-one messaging between MultiLine App and external WhatsApp users
  • Enforce mandatory opt-in from WhatsApp user
  • MultiLine app detects if WhatsApp is not enabled for the receiving user and offers an option to send SMS
  • Supports data loss prevention feature with ability to redact or block WhatsApp messages as per business defined policy
  • Optional recording of all WhatsApp messages (with recording add-on)
  • Support for iOS and Android

Before you start 

  • Your organization has to enable WhatsApp Messaging Connector for it to be available in MultiLine. If not, you won't see the green WhatsApp messaging icon.

How it works 

Step 1: MultiLine user sends the first message to WhatsApp user from MultiLine.

User clicks WhatsApp message icon:

MultiLine asks if the user would like to send the opt-in message:

MultiLine sends the opt-in message:

Step 2: WhatsApp user receives a mandatory opt-in message that lets them know the MultiLine user wants to chat. 

Step 3: If accepted, a 24 hour conversation session begins. The users can freely message each other. 

Step 4: Starting a new conversation session

WhatsApp users may always start new conversation sessions by sending a message. To prevent spam, after a 24 hour lapse of conversation, as a WhatsApp business account user, the MultiLine user must re-initiate conversations using pre-approved template messages. These messages are evaluated ahead of time to make sure they abide by WhatsApp Business policies. 

Comparison to other available options

  • Background Recording Agents snoop on all data and network traffic on the user phone. Our WhatsApp Connector respects the user phone privacy and never accesses private use of the phone. 
  • Modified WhatsApp apps are unapproved clones that add the recording feature. Our WhatsApp connector is approved, and abides by all WhatsApp policies.