WhatsApp Connector

I'm trying to send the client a message, but when I tap on the text field it won't let me enter anything. Why?

Conversation sessions are limited to a 24 hour timespan.

After 24 hours of inactive chat, WhatsApp requires businesses to use the template feature to initiate conversations with customers. These templates are approved ahead of time to make sure they’re transactional in nature and are not cold messages or promotional/advertisement messages. If you tap the template button, you'll see a list of messages that you're able to send to the customer. Tap the message to select it, then press the send button.

Someone accidentally rejected the opt-in request I sent. What do we do?

SMS and WhatsApp Opt-In flows are automatic messages designed to meet regulations that require consumers to have the option of accepting or rejecting communications from business. MultiLine allows your organization to configure these Opt-In messages for their users (Learn More). 

When you attempt to contact someone they receive a message with instructions on how to opt-in. If they opt-out, they are notified of this and receive instruction about how to opt-in again, if desired. 

Unless your organization configured a custom flow, usually the person just needs to reply to the message thread with “YES”. They also have the option to reply to the conversation with any other message, and a new opt-in message will be sent to the user giving them another chance to consent to message with you. 

Why do I see “The contact hasn't responded to the opt-in request for more than 24 hours. You can try sending the request again.”?

In order for you to message with a client, they must accept your opt-in request. You’re allowed to send a new one every 24 hours. If accepted, you’ll be able to message with the customer. If it’s rejected, we’ll let you know, and you won’t be able to send any more opt-in requests to the customer.

Why did I get the error message “Looks like this contact is already messaging with another MultiLine user. . .”?

If someone in the same line of business as you is talking with a client, WhatsApp will not allow you to message the client. Contact your administrator.

Why did a client receive the auto message “. . . We're not currently using this number to accept WhatsApp messages.”?

The MultiLine administrator at your company has deactivated WhatsApp for your number. Contact them to resolve.