What is MultiLine?

MultiLine Apps give you a separate business number for all your work calls, texts, voicemail, and contacts. MultiLine integrations and connectors allow the apps to work with your existing corporate app ecosystem.

Mobile apps

All MultiLine mobile apps provide a separate number, contact list, and voicemail that you can use to communicate with your clients. Because this number is a real carrier-supported number, you don't need an internet connection to call your clients, but can use the cellular minutes. You'll learn more about this in Call Settings: Set Data or Minutes calling modes.


Movius for BlackBerry and MultiLine for Intune are MultiLine apps that integrate with your organizations EMM. 

  • Movius for BlackBerry is MultiLine integrated with BlackBerry Dynamics.
  • MultiLine for Intune is MultiLine integrated with Microsoft Intune.

Desktop apps

With the Desktop apps, you'll be able to use your MultiLine from the browser or desktop application. So whether you're at your computer or on the go, you'll be able to connect with clients.  

WhatsApp Connector

The WhatsApp Connector lets you send WhatsApp messages directly to users on WhatsApp from your MultiLine application. 

  • Our connector provides a compliant way to message with WhatsApp users that abides with their terms of service for business accounts. 
  • Your customers can click on your profile to see that you're messaging them as an official WhatsApp business account and see your business profile.
  • Your customers can message you from their personal WhatsApp accounts.
  • You just need the connector to send WhatsApp messages-- you don't have to use your personal WhatsApp, or even have WhatsApp downloaded on your phone at all. 

Wechat messaging connector coming soon!

Salesforce Connector

The Salesforce connector lets you send SMS messages directly to users from Salesforce.

You can:

  • communicate to your customers within Salesforce.
  • make/receive calls and exchange text messages with your customers using your MultiLine number.
  • automatically track all communications with your customer thus eliminating the need to manually log calls and texts.

This saves time and reduces human error compared to manual logging. MultiLine Salesforce Connector is the solution to improve the experience of the sales team by helping them sell faster, smarter and in the environment that they are familiar with.