Submit brand information required to register Enterprise with Twilio

We need the following information from the Enterprise to complete registration activities with Twilio. 

  1. Order the WhatsApp enabled numbers from Movius. Provide quantity, display names (see sub-step 3 below), and desired country codes.
  2. Provide Movius the Facebook Business ID.
  3. Enterprise must provide Movius brand information for Sender Profile as follows:
    1. Company Name
      1. Display names for each line of business (example: “Movius US”). Display names [external link] are subject to approval.
    2. Legal address
    3. Company representative email ID
    4. Company Web Site
    5. Company HQ country
    6. Company Vertical/Area of Business (Optional)
    7. Facebook Business Manager ID
    8. Use case for WhatsApp:
      1. Notification
      2. Customer Support
      3. 2FA or User Verification
    9. Approximate expected message volume
    10. Regions where Enterprise will send messages
    11. Business number(s)- Country details
    12. Quantity for each country
    13. List of Template Messages (See Getting custom Message Templates)
    14. A public accessible link to a 640 x 640 px .jpg or .png file to serve as profile image.