Store and Forward with Digital Safe Product Document

This article provides a description of Digital Safe, an option of the Movius solution that provides offloading of voice, SMS recordings, and (if enabled) WhatsApp messages using SFTP.

What is Digital Safe?

Digital Safe offers a simple method for your enterprise to receive permanent copies of your call, SMS, and (if enabled) WhatsApp message activity for compliant archival.

  • Your enterprise will have access to recordings as often as the data is uploaded from Digital Safe.
  • Digital Safe can temporarily store the data in the event of a short-term outage or maintenance preventing you from receiving its data. 
  • Digital Safe doesn't require the dedicated private connections of other methods. 
  • Digital Safe doesn't require specialized equipment in your Data Center.

With Digital Safe, the Movius platform will export recordings via a secure SFTP interface at regular pre-defined intervals. The Digital Safe SFTP Offload solution uses secure SFTP connections to periodically push recordings to your SFTP server where an intermediary can retrieve for integration with an archiving platform. 

We configure the Digital Safe for you. The Digital Safe service is configured at the main organization of your enterprise and applies to all sub-organizations.

What information does Movius need to set up Digital Safe?

  • Destination directories for the metadata CSV files and any audio recording files sent by Digital Safe
    • There can be separate directories for Voice Call and SMS recordings/WhatsApp messages. 
    • These directories can even be on different SFTP servers. 
  • An SFTP server and the following SFTP access information:
    Note: provide separate access information for audio and text transfer. Additionally, use a timeout of 6 minutes to allow for the transfer of large audio files.
    • SFTP username. 
    • SFTP password or shared SSH key. 
    • SFTP server destination directory.

Note: Movius also offers a separate option to integrate with customer's recorders with a live recording integration model, based on SIPREC. This can run parallel with Digital Safe for a subset of customer organizations.

Offload flow

The Digital Safe SFTP Offload solution uses secure SFTP connections to periodically push recordings into a customer provided SFTP server where an intermediary can retrieve for integration with the customer archiving platform. 

The content transferred over the SFTP connection consists of: 

  1. For voice: 
    1. CSV files with metadata and audio files (WAV) with the content. 
    2. Transfer is scheduled every 30 minutes.
  2. For SMS: 
    1. CSV files with metadata and the content. 
    2. Transfer is scheduled every 24 hours.
  3. Once the information is transferred, the Movius platform will purge the audio recording file, wiping it clean before deleting. 

Digital Safe File Formats

The format archives monitored audio and message recordings, with voice and messages in separate delivery events (separate files under separate schedules) and with separate .CSV files for Voice and Messages. A zero-byte file is generated in the event no content is available to archive. There is an option to generate just audio, just text of both file types. 

Delivery Method: SFTP 

Zero Length File Generation (File generated if there is no content in the interval): Yes, when no rows are found using this format, a zero-row file will be sent. 

Separate CSV files for Voice and Message recordings: Yes 

Provides Message recordings: Yes 

Support for Voice Call Recordings: Yes 

Audio File Delivery: Yes 

Message File Delivery: Yes 

SMS Filename Format: monitored_call_archive_YYYYMMDD_<orgid>_UUID.csv 

WhatsApp Message Filename Format: monitored_call_archive_YYYYMMDD_<orgid>_UUID.csv 

Audio Filename Format: monitored_call_archive_audio_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_<orgid>_UUID.csv 

for both file types, where: 

NOTE: All phone numbers in these files are prepended with a ‘+’. All texts have the newline character (‘\n’) replaced with ‘<r>’. All double quotes in the Message data will be preceded with an additional double quote. 

CSV File Attributes 

The following table describes the fields included in each entry in the text and audio csv file. 

For audio recordings the media files are also sent to the server. Media file names contain a unique identifier: 


for example: 


Media files use G.711 u-law 8-bit encoding. 

The audio CSV file will contain the name in the ‘body’ column so that the CSV meta data and the media file can be associated. 

Sample SMS CSV File 

Digital Safe format begins with the “Count” of the number of entries, followed by the header information defining the field layout and the entries. 

"SID","Name","Email Address","Type of Message","To (Number)","To (Name)","To (SID)","To (Email)","From (Number)","From (Name)","From (SID)","From (Email)","Body","Message Time (UTC)","SMS Unique ID" 
"","MJ_Hiremath","","Outgoing","+12567335228","MJ_Hiremath","","","+12567335223","MJ_Hiremath","","","Hi, How’s it going?","2018-10-08 12:01:55.120",”11b21371-ab97-4a28-b963-dbe3e6690cf0" 

Sample WhatsApp Message CSV File

"SID","Name","Email Address","Type of Message","To (Number)","To (Name)","To (SID)","To (Email)","From (Number)","From (Name)","From (SID)","From (Email)","Body","Message Time (UTC)","SMS Unique ID" 
"","MJ_Hiremath","","OUT- WhatsApp Message","+12567335228","MJ_Hiremath","","","+12567335223","MJ_Hiremath","","","Hi, How’s it going?","2018-10-08 12:01:55.120",”11b21371-ab97-4a28-b963-dbe3e6690cf0" 

Sample Audio CSV File 

Digital Safe format begins with the “Count” of the number of entries, followed by the header information defining the field layout and the entries.

"SID","Name","Email Address","Type of Message","To (Number)","To (Name)","To (SID)","To (Email)","From (Number)","From (Name)","From (SID)","From (Email)","Body","Message Time (UTC)","SMS Unique ID" 
"","MJ_Hiremath","","Outgoing","+12567335228","MJ_Hiremath","","","+12567335223","MJ_Hiremath","","","r_7dddacca-bf0d-493c-aa7c-1015a457a40e.wav","2018-10-05 15:03:55.120","ee533787-623d-4c1e-8f00-6ead31f155de" 

Digital Safe Performance

Movius deploys Digital Safe processing for voice and messages independently in order to meet differentiated compliance requirements. In this configuration, Movius offloads the Metadata and Message Recording content once a day to the customer's SFTP server. Movius also offloads the Metadata and Call Recording content every 30 minutes to the customer's SFTP server. 

Movius recommends that the customer dimension the SFTP servers to accommodate for the Compliance Data Offload from Digital Safe. This allows the solution to offer optimal levels of data offload speed and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Movius deploys our Digital Safe solution behind a 10 Gbps outbound connection to ensure exceptional transfer speed and bandwidth to our Customers. The outbound connection runs at a very low data saturation rate meaning that there is ample connectivity to support the transfer speed and bandwidth demands for Digital Safe usage. 

Offload Interval

The Digital Safe offloads follow the audio offload timing of 30-minute intervals. The offload will begin but may not be completed before the next 30-minute interval occurs. In this case, the next batch of offloads will be queued and will start once the first batch has completed. Each offload has unique date, time, and hash information that will allow us to complete the offload to the customer’s SFTP location for voice without any loss of data

Digital Safe offloads for Message Recording run once a day and offload to the customer's SFTP location for messages. The Metadata for Message Recording is much smaller than for voice and is processed and transferred in a short period of time. 

The Digital Safe offloads will contain WAV formatted audio that ensure the highest level of audio quality in the event that the customer’s Compliance team needs to review Employee/Customer conversations. This audio is provided in media files using G.711 u-law 8-bit encoding. 

Offload Performance Monitoring

The Movius Digital Safe solution provides information about when it starts, how many audio files it offloads, and when it completed. This information is stored in Movius' observability solution for real-time review and historical analysis. 

This information is available to our Operations and Support organizations for monitoring the offload performance and will be made available to the customer in an ad-hoc report as required.