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What's new for our Social Messaging connectors.

MultiLine supports social messaging with WhatsApp, WeChat, and LINE users across mobile, desktop, and integrated experiences. Release information for social messaging connectors is listed by feature. Read on to learn what's new. 

WhatsApp Message Queueing

WhatsApp Message Queuing is available for MultiLine Desktop app and the MultiLine Messaging for Teams app in Version 2.1.1 (June 8, 2024). Coming soon to mobile apps. Details below: 

What's New?

WhatsApp Message Queuing

Meta policies for WhatsApp Business users, which includes MultiLine users, restrict the ability to send messages prior to receiving an opt-in message and after 24-hours have passed since the WhatsApp user has responded to the message.

Previously, MultiLine applications would only allow sending the template messages and not allow input into the text field during these scenarios. Now, MultiLine users can compose and send messages that will be held in a queue to be sent after the WhatsApp user opts in or reinitiates the conversation by sending a message. This enhances their productivity and allows the messaging experience to be more natural for both parties. 

New WhatsApp Opt-In Flow

When messaging begins with a WhatsApp user, the user is asked to opt-in with the following notice: 

MultiLine users will see the following notice, but will be able to compose and send their messages so that they deliver after the WhatsApp user opts in.

Once the WhatsApp user opts in, if the MultiLine user had not sent any messages during the pause, they'll be alerted they can start the conversation with the following notice: 

New reinitiating after 24-Hours Flow

When a MultiLine user sends a message after has been more than 24-hours since the last message received from the WhatsApp user, MultiLine users see the following notice: 

The WhatsApp user will see the template message and can select "Resume conversation" to allow the conversation to continue.

When the WhatsApp user selects "Resume conversation", if there are no messages queued, the MultiLine user will see the following notice:

[Auto Message] The contact has resumed the conversation. You can now continue messaging with them.

For more, see the updated documentation:

Notice: Linked documentation may not be updated until the day of the release.

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