Release Notes | Server Roundup | September 2021

These release notes outline details of upcoming changes to the Movius Management Portal and server.

Number Status and Actions in Number Management

Management Portal

  • In the previous release, we introduced the Number Status feature which provided a robust search of your numbers. Now, administrators will be able to perform actions including moving, reserving, removing and editing reserved tags, and editing Forwarding To numbers directly from the search results on this screen. 
    • Use the menu icon in the Action menu to Move and Reserve numbers. 
    • Use the pencil icon in the Reserved Tag column to edit the tag. To unreserve, edit and save as a null value.

Server Updates Roundup

  • Emergency Calls and Messages (US Only): 
    • E-911 SFDC: 
      • When using MultiLine in the Salesforce Connector, users will be required to grant permission to use their location. Unless the permission is granted, they will not be able to make any outbound calls or texts. Their location data will be used for calling or texting 911 instead of manual entry.
      • When texting 911, users will be appropriately messaged to guide them to using the feature (example: no group messaging or picture messaging allowed). In the event 911 messaging service isn't available, users are instructed to call 911 instead.
    • Suicide Prevention Hotline (988): Users will be able to call the 988 short code for the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Calls to 988 will be kept private from SIPREC and MMP reports.
  • WhatsApp Enablement: 
    • Messages Routing: Like SMS and MMS, all WhatsApp messages, including those between MultiLine users, will route through the carrier network for consistency in performing lawful intercept.