Release Notes | Server Roundup | July 2021

Movius July 2021 Server Release Notes

These release notes let you know what’s new with the Movius Management Solution on the server side. 


Start Date & Time

End Date & Time


7/23/21,  2:30 p.m. EDT

7/23/21, 7:30 pm EDT


7/30/21, 10 pm EDT

7/30/21, 4 am EDT


7/31/21, 12 am EDT

8/1/21, 6 am EDT

MultiLine Platform Enhancements

  • WhatsApp enablement: MMP admin can now enable and disable WhatsApp Connector for individual users. Previously, Movius Management Portal administrators only had the option to turn WhatsApp Connector on and off for users at the organizational level.  
    1. See Enable WhatsApp Messaging for users in the Knowledge Base.
  • SMS and MMS Routing: All SMS and MMS messages, including those between MultiLine users, will now route through the carrier network for consistency in performing lawful intercept.
  • MMS Carrier Support: Previously, the MultiLine solution was only configured to send MMS messages based on a single carrier systemwide. Now we can route MMS to multiple carriers based on the subscriber’s MultiLine carrier. This update applies to Sprint/T-Mobile customers.
    1. We have built the server functionality required to move subscribers using one carrier to another. This update applies to Sprint/T-Mobile customers.
  • Blocking text to short code numbers: System administrators can now block subscribers from sending texts to short codes on an organization basis.
    1. Reports will capture that a message sent to a short code was blocked similarly as blocked messages are reported now.
  • Number Management: We have added functionality to Management Portal and API for pulling lists of Reserved Numbers and added the ability to add or remove Reserved Tags.
    1. You can fetch all Reserved Numbers, or pull the list by country code, area code, exact Tag, or partial Tag (starting with at least 3 characters).
    2. To remove a Reserved Tag using the API, add a Reserved Tag with the null value (empty).

Note: Updated API and System Administrator documentation available on request.

Issue Fixes



Issue Fixed


All apps

Fixed a back-end issue that caused SMS delivery to fail


All apps

Fixed issue where disabling SMS messaging prevented WhatsApp messaging


Management Portal

Improved UI so that new accounts list uses the full screen to display more users