Release Notes | MultiLine and Movius for BlackBerry | June-July 2021

Movius June-July 2021 Release Notes

These release notes outline new features and enhancements to the Movius MultiLine Solution. This release introduces updates to the Movius MultiLine, MultiLine for Intune, Movius for BlackBerry app and the Movius Management Portal.

Download the latest MultiLine apps Version 2.28

Mobile app enhancements

  • Clearer notifications about the quality of the data connection
  • Call quality updates to prevent call drops and improve experience when switching between networks
  • Movius for BlackBerry will abort activation if users deny the Contacts permission during setup
    1.  See Why does MultiLine require access to my Contacts?
  • E911 is now able to use location services to update address for data calls to 911 (US Only)

New Features for Management Portal

Viewing Number Status in Number Management

We’re introducing a new Number Status screen that will be available under Setup > Number Management.

  • The Number Status screen will have a search panel and a list of numbers in table form
    1. By default, all numbers from the administrator’s organization and sub-organizations will appear in ascending order by the Number column
    2. Admins can use the Search by panel to filter out results based on desired parameters, including:
      • Number / Tag: Type a MultiLine number or Reserved tag into the search field
      • Series: Select the checkmark for one or more series
      • Organization: Select the checkmark for one or more organizations
      • Status: Select the checkmark for one or more number statuses
        • Available: Numbers that are free to be reserved or assigned to users
        • Reserved: Numbers that are tagged to be used for a specific user or role
        • Assigned: Numbers that are assigned to users who have been invited
        • In Use: Numbers that invited users have used to complete registration
  • Admins can reverse the sort order by hovering over a column header and clicking the Sort icon
  • To learn more on how to use the new feature, see Admins: Number Status Knowledge Base article

Management Portal Improvements

  • Pagination and search functions for the Accounts page have been optimized with backend and frontend changes
  • Administrators will be alerted when deleting API users to prevent accidental deletion of these users, which are used to connect the MultiLine application to external applications, such as Salesforce
  • Administrators will be restricted from trying to send SMS invites using a Device Number which is the same as any other numbers in the available pool, reserved pool, or associated with another user as an assigned MultiLine number or as a device number
  • Previously, Management Portal admins had to configure the same recording settings for WhatsApp and SMS, choosing to capture both or neither, but now they can be managed separately; admins can choose to set only WhatsApp or only SMS to be recorded. Note: This update only applies to organizations using Format 7. 

Crash Reporting

A consent flag has been added to BlackBerry Work UEM settings to opt-in to sending Firebase crash reports for Movius for BlackBerry apps. We recommend BlackBerry Work administrators to grant this consent so that Movius can use Firebase Crashlytics to diagnose and resolve issues.

Issue Fixes

KeyImpactedIssue Fixed


Server -MMP, Platform

Admins couldn't delete an organization, receiving error message that users were assigned even though MMP and Service Portal showed no users were assigned


Server - MMP, Platform

Problem with CDR log generation


MultiLine for Intune - iOS

Poor network indicator persisted after network conditions were no longer poor


MultiLine for Intune- Android

 "No Wifi, connected over mobile data" message displayed when device was properly connected to Wifi 



Resolved issue where +91 appended to number incorrectly on welcome screen 


iOS, Platform

Resolved problem causing app crash leading to call drop during transition from WiFi to LTE


Movius for BlackBerry - iOS

Resolved problem causing call transition issue if WiFi is turned off during call


Movius for BlackBerry - Android

User didn't receive notifications for activity while phone was offline after returning online because they were blocked by firewall 



User experiencing confusing "Service not available" error message after reinvite


Movius for BlackBerry - iOS

Problem causing app crash during transition from WiFi to LTE


MultiLine - iOS

Zombie WiFi condition even though WiFi network was perfect.  


Movius for BlackBerry - iOS

UX issue where a user wants to send an SMS message to a contact name that has multiple matches


MultiLine - iOS

Problem causing "Verify me" to be greyed out on invitation screen


Server - MMP, Platform

Alarms regarding a CDRtool DB not available for voicemail_vm


Server - MMP

Fixed Spanish translation on User Permission page

Movius for BlackBerry, PlatformFixed issue with processing the click-to-dial calls from numbers that were formatted with two '#'  at the end causing Webex calls to not work