Release Notes | May 2021

May 2021 Release Notes

These release notes outline new features and enhancements to the Movius MultiLine Solution.

What's New in MultiLine?

Activate MultiLine with QR code or button

It’s easier than ever to activate MultiLine. Previously when users install or reinstall MultiLine apps, they needed to manually enter details such as their organization ID, username, mobile number, and password from their invitation.

We’ve introduced a simpler process that works whether users access their invitation on desktop or mobile phone.

  • Use the phone’s camera to scan a QR code from an invitation accessed from desktop to automatically download the app and begin activation.

  • Tap the button from an invitation accessed by phone to automatically download the app and begin activation.

  • During activation, they’ll only need to enter their personal mobile number, and their one-time PIN will be automatically detected.

If for some reason users are unable to use the simpler onboarding features, manual entry will still be available.

Simplified Onboarding will be available in all MultiLine and Movius for BlackBerry Android and iOS apps

More intuitive Call button

Branding colors will no longer be applied to the Call button in iOS and Android applications. We want to match user expectations that a green Call button is used for making a call and red Call button is used for disconnecting a call.

The change will be available in the MultiLine, Sprint MultiLine, and MultiLine for Intune Android and iOS apps with this release.


iOS screenshot


Android screenshot


Below updates apply to all MultiLine applications 

MultiLine App-to-MultiLine App call handling improvements

This release changes how it handles calls between two MultiLine users served by the same Movius server instance. Today, such calls are connected within the Movius solution. Going forward these calls will be routed through the carrier networks as other calls between a MultiLine user and a Guest (non-MultiLine) user.

How it works:

  • A Call from MultiLine user A to MultiLine user B is treated as a Call from MultiLine user A to a Guest phone number (which is MultiLine user B’s MultiLine number. This call routes through the carrier network serving MultiLine user A’s MultiLine number.

  • The resulting call to MultiLine user B’s MultiLine number is present over MultiLine User B’s carrier network as a call from a Guest phone number (which happens to be MultiLine user A’s MultiLine number).


  • All calls are available within carrier networks for legal intercept. Special routing is no longer required.

  • From an Organizational reporting standpoint, all calls are reported in a consistent manner.

  • When calls are between MultiLine users in different Organizations, a given MultiLine user’s Organization Administrator does not see that the other MultiLine user is also a member of another Organization.

  • For billing purposes, all calls are treated in a consistent manner since they all route through carrier networks.

For backward compatibility, the new call handling can be disabled at an organization level.

Block up to 1000 numbers

We have increased the amount of phone numbers that users can add to their blocked numbers list from 50 to 1000. We hope that this will help users defend against unwanted callers and spam callers.

What's New in the Movius Management Portal?

Dropped call records added to MMP Reports and CDR Call API

Records of calls that are dropped prior to being answered will be added to the MMP and CDR Call API for detailed call information requests. Previously this information only included answered calls.

Filter for dropped calls added to Voice Activity Reports search

Filter for dropped calls will be added as an option for Call Type in Voice Activity Reports search.

Improved Accounts page user experience

We’ve made changes to the Accounts page to be easier to navigate:

  • Admins can view information about the number of users and pages

  • The current page is highlighted so admins know where they are

  • Admins will return to the page they were on after editing records

Issue Fixes



Issue Fixed


Server - Non-TP MultiLine MO Data to MultiLine MT Data issue


Server - Native Voicemail Prevention for Inbound Minutes Calls


Server - MMP - Failed to Create administrator on sprint instance


Server - API - list user API related issue Dal10


Server – API – list user API timed out for one customer


Client - Android Intune - Exchange contacts not syncing properly


Client – IOS - Unable to onboard when there is + symbol in username (email ID)

CS-231351 / 


Client - Movius MultiLine - Cannot call HK numbers