Release Notes | March 2021

Movius Release Notes for March 2021

We have many new features and enhancements we’re releasing to the Movius MultiLine Solution to announce.

What's New for MultiLine App?

Access Knowledge Base from the App

Users now have direct access to the Movius Knowledge Base from Settings > Help in the Multiline app and the Movius for BlackBerry app.

Once in the Knowledge Base, type a topic into the search bar to find answers to any question you may have about using the app or browse topics by category.

Note: this feature is not yet available in MultiLine for Intune.

Better Error Messages

When there’s an error, we want to make sure you know what’s going on and what to do. We reviewed error messages across all our applications and updated them to be more informative and user friendly.

Click-to-Call from Salesforce App using Movius for BlackBerry

Users of Movius for BlackBerry and Salesforce mobile app will be getting an exciting new functionality. Now when users tap any phone number link in the Salesforce mobile app, the call will be placed through Movius for BlackBerry. As usual, Movius for BlackBerry will also detect if there's an associated conference code if dialing into a conference call. 

Blackberry SDK 8.1 Update for Android Clients

Movius for BlackBerry will be updated to use the latest Blackberry SDK 8.1. The Blackberry SDK is used by the MML Clients to integrate with Blackberry Dynamics. 

Blackberry released SDK 8.1 [external link] in October 2020.  The release includes security enhancements, enhanced compatibility with Android SDK APIs, and removal of support for BB SDK 6 and lower.

Geo Redundancy 

Movius now supports Redundant Geo sites. Implementing Redundant GEO sites provides protection against catastrophic loss of a single site. In the case that one of the sites is disabled for maintenance or suffers a catastrophic failure, a combination of a global load balancer and secondary routing in the carrier networks will switch sites so that the service interruption is minimized. This ensures that MultiLine applications will be able to function, including onboarding, calls, messaging, and other activities.

Issues Fixed

iOS App CRs

#Fixed Issue
CS-231243IOS: Client freezing and RED Dot conditions
M2021-396IOS: Persistent red dot condition
M2021-397IOS: I was on a call and switched out my ear buds but the call went dark
M2021-394IOS: Calls are not made to the guest number when click to call number has invalid characters passed from Blackberry Work (Click to Dial)
M2021-399IOS: Copy and Paste did not work properly in the Blackberry Client
M2021-392IOS: Intune SMS not received when app was closed

Android App CRs

#Fixed Issue
CS-231272Android: Apps is constantly crashing
M2021-391Android: Diagnostic email can't be modified
M2021-398Android: Diagnostics Report: Call set-up issue over mobile data
M2021-393Android: When upgrading to the app continues to crash
M2021-405Android: BB Exchange - Need to support all contact labels that are currently supported by blackberry
CS-231241Android: Intune-Freezing and crash dialing a contact

Server CRs

#Fixed Issue


Relationship Number showing in Number Utilization Report


Visual Voicemail Notification issue for Orbic Users


Intermittently MO Data Calls do not connect


Unable to Onboard using Orbic Client


Moving from one org to another creates issues with mess


MMP – Consumption Metrics Report – Bug


The error for open timeout and read timeout are the same


Alarm regarding CDRTools on Sprint Platform – sls/voicemail