Cedar | Movius Platform Update

Cedar Server Release v. 4.14 

Read on to learn what’s new with server and the Management Portal

Server Update Schedule

The server update is planned for March 4, 2022 - March 6, 2022. Exact schedule for each server will be released closer to this date. 

What's new in the Management Portal?

What's new in the APl?

API documentation available on request, see Section 2.8 for below updates

  • Added "Participants" and several other fields that are available in the Format 7, Digital Safe CSV output to the API Monitored Calls List API Response. 
  • Added new API call for media file offload. 

Server Bug Fixes

Issue KeyPlatform Released in versionIssue description
M2022:206 Serverv. 4.14 Fixed SLS memory leak in all MAS servers