Release Notes | App Roundup | August 2021

Movius August 2021 Release Notes

These release notes outline new features and enhancements to the Movius MultiLine Solution. This release introduces updates to Movius MultiLine, Movius for BlackBerry, and MultiLine for Intune.

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Movius MultiLine

  • For iOS users, to protect the separation of business and personal, images taken using the camera in MultiLine, or images sent to MultiLine users by MMS will no longer be stored in local folders. Note: Only MML iOS app had stored images in a local folder.

Movius for BlackBerry

  • We've improved the Contact sync experience leading to minimum to no syncing failures
  • When users visit their Contact Settings, they'll now see the last time their contacts were synced

MultiLine for Intune Call Quality Enhancements

  • Users will see Clearer notifications about the quality of the data connection
  • We've made enhancements to call quality to prevent call drops and improve experience when switching between networks
  • E911 is now able to use location services to update address for data calls to 911 (US Only)

Issue Fixes

Issue KeyImpactedProblem Summary
CS-231749Movius for BBIncorrect country code prepended in device number field
CS-231734Movius for BBNo prompt heard
CS-231729Movius for BBUnsolicited second contact sync triggered
Movius for BB
No ringback tone for client to guest call 
Movius for BB
No WiFI and red dot
CS-231571Movius for BB, iOSIncorrect Incoming Receiving Mode after onboarding
CS-231650Movius for BlackBerry, iOS"No WiFi" message remains when WiFI and LTE connection is good