Release Notes | App and Server Roundup | October 2021

Movius October 2021

Read on to learn what’s new with MultiLine Apps and the Management Portal

App Update Schedule

  • October 5, 2021 | Movius for BlackBerry v. 2.31.01
  • October 6, 2021 | T-Mobile MultiLine 2.28
  • October 15, 2021 | Movius MultiLine v. 2.31.01
  • October 22, 2021 | T-Mobile MultiLine v. 2.31

What's new with all MultiLine Apps

  • MultiLine users will notice far less spam calls thanks to the implementation of state of the art STIR/SHAKEN protocol. The service will intercept calls that are likely scam and route them to MultiLine voicemail. 

App Issue Fixes

Issue KeyPlatform Released in versionIssue description
CS-231752Movius MultiLine v. 2.31.01MultiLine Activation UI fix: font size

CS-231902Movius for BlackBerryv. 2.31.01Issue preventing Contact Sync
CS-231901Movius for BlackBerryv. 2.31.01Resolved various client restarts
CS-231062T-Mobile MultiLinev. 2.28App crash when transition from WiFi to LTE
CS-231164T-Mobile MultiLinev. 2.28Experienced "Service not available">
CS-231535T-Mobile MultiLinev. 2.28iOS - Poor network indicator started and persisted
CS-231597T-Mobile MultiLinev. 2.28"Verify me" was greyed out on invitation screen
CS-231592T-Mobile MultiLinev. 2.28+91 Appended to number on welcome screen
CS-231650T-Mobile MultiLinev. 2.28"No Wifi" message persists when the Wifi and LTE are ON and good
CS-231703T-Mobile MultiLine (iOS) v. WiFi and red dot condition
M2021-308T-Mobile MultiLinev. 2.31

Changes for Unbranded App:

  • Renamed App from "Sprint" to "T-Mobile" MultiLine in Play and App stores
  • Icon on Phone menu:
    • Changed label to “MultiLine” 
    • Icon appears as blue/black phone
  • About Us screen: 
    • Large Movius Logo is replaced by “MultiLine” logo. (Brandable in Management Portal)
    • Small Movius logo below the word “from” is unchanged and the Copyright notice is unchanged.
  • Help screen: 
    • Knowledge Base link still goes to Movius Help Center
    • In the description UNDER the Knowledge base link, the word "Movius" shall be changed to "MultiLine".
  • Contact Name changed from “Movius_Work “ to “Multiline_ Work”
  • Terms and Privacy is unchanged (lists Movius as supplying party)

Server Update Schedule

SiteStart Date & TimeEnd Date & Time


Friday 1-Oct-2021, 12:00 pm EDT

Friday 1-Oct-2021, 5:30 pm EDT


Friday 1-Oct-2021, 9:00 pm EDT

Saturday 2-Oct-2021, 02:00 am EDT


Saturday 2-Oct-2021, 01:00 am EDT

Saturday 2-Oct-2021, 06:00 am EDT


Saturday 2-Oct-2021, 01:00 am EDT

Saturday 2-Oct-2021, 06:00 am EDT

DAL12Friday 22-Oct-2021, 01:00 am EDT
Friday 22-Oct-2021, 06:00 am EDT
SNG01Friday 22-Oct-2021, 12:00 pm EDT
Friday 22-Oct-2021, 5:30 pm EDT
LON02Friday 22-Oct-2021, 9:00 pm EDT
Saturday 23-Oct-2021, 02:00 am EDT
DAL20Saturday 23-Oct-2021, 01:00 am EDT
Saturday 23-Oct-2021, 06:00 am EDT
WDC06Saturday 23-Oct-2021, 01:00 am EDT
Saturday 23-Oct-2021, 06:00 am EDT

What's new in the Server and Management Portal

  • We've improved verbiage in the Management Portal relating to the Retention Policy to help admins better understand the Retention Policy set for the organization and what it means for the data stored on the platform. 
  • We made enhancements to assist with displaying and managing the dispatchable street address for 911 calls.
  • We've made performance enhancements to deliver quicker sign-in to the portal. 
  • We've made performance enhancements to deliver quicker loading time on the Accounts page. 

Server Bug Fixes

  • CS-231875 | Server: Moving accounts results in a timeout
  • M2021-308 | DAL10 Server: FAQ renamed from "Movius" to "MultiLine", "Movius Number" to "MultiLine number"