Register a Facebook for Business Account and complete business verification

Registering a Facebook for Business account [external link] is required to enable WhatsApp Messaging Connector for MultiLine. 

Confirm that you have a Business Page on Facebook and work with the Facebook Business Manager (the person who runs the Facebook page for your business) to complete the following steps.

1. Register a Facebook for Business Account

  1. The Facebook business Manager registers the account for Business/Brand at [external link].
  2. Have the Facebook Business Manager provide the Facebook Business ID in Business Manager [external link].
  3. Not all business accounts are verified. Have the Facebook Business Manager confirm the status in Business Settings [external link].
    Note: the blue checkmark does not mean that the account is verified. Only the below indicates verification status.
    1. Example unverified:
    2. Example verified:
  4. If your account is unverified, the Facebook Business Manager will need to complete the process of verifying the business [external link] with Facebook.
  5. This process allows Facebook to verify the business and usually takes 2-3 business days

2. Complete Business Verification

  1. Facebook Business Manager logs into their Facebook business account.
  2. Goes to Security Center.
  3. Clicks the Continue button under Business Verification.