Arya: Providing Call Quality Feedback

Read on to learn how you can provide feedback that improves the MultiLine service. 


Our aim is to continuously improve our product so that your calling experience is unrivaled by any other application. After you make a call, a prompt requesting your feedback may briefly appear on your screen. If you'd like to provide feedback at a later time, you can do so by following the steps below. By providing this feedback, you help us to improve the service. 

Currently this feature is only available for iOS versions of MultiLine.

How to provide feedback on the quality of a call

  1. Go to your Calls screen and tap on a recent call.

  2. The full list of calls with that caller or contact will appear. Tap the thumbs up or thumbs down icon for the call.

After a short moment the icon will change color to let you know the feedback has been sent. 

Thank you so much!

We truly appreciate your help as your feedback is immeasurably valuable to us.