MultiLine for Social Messaging Only

Please note: This configuration is currently in development and is only available to select customers at this time. We appreciate your interest, but we are not yet offering the configuration generally. Please check back soon for updates on availability.

Read on to learn about a Social Messaging Only configuration. 

About Social Messaging Only configuration

Movius supports a Social Messaging Only configuration that allows users to use MultiLine to communicate through social messaging, but not voice or carrier messaging networks. 

In this configuration, MultiLine users are assigned an 11-digit number from the +889 series (e.g. +889XXXXXXXX). +889 is an ITU-T E.164 spare country code.  Numbers in the +889 range must be assigned a User Permission set that does not "Allow SMS".

Attempted SMS messaging with the number will result in a system message to the user that SMS is not enabled.

MultiLine numbers belonging to this range will not support voice or carrier messaging. Users provided with this number can co-exist in the same organization with users who are enabled with SMS messaging. 

NOTE: if an organization contains users that are enabled with SMS messaging, the Management Portal admin must ensure that the User Permissions are set to Allow SMS for users that require carrier messaging capability.