Manage Security and Compliance


Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Admins
How to enable two factor authentication for Management Portal Admins
Manage Alerts
You can set up alerts that automatically send emails to designated recipients when an event occurs, such as account deletion.  Overview Setting up alerts helps your organization keep informed about events important to them. You can send the a...
Manage In-App Notifications
Read to learn about sending in-app notifications.  Overview Problem: A CIO wants to send a yearly reminder to all employees to complete mandatory security training or a manager wants to send a daily reminder to all contractors to submit tim...
Store and Forward with Digital Safe
This article provides a description of Digital Safe, an option of the Movius solution that provides offloading of voice, SMS recordings, and (if enabled) messages using SFTP.
Manage Opt-In Flow
How to enable Opt-In Messages for SMS
About lexicon policies (block and redact certain content)
Read on to learn about Redaction, a feature that can block or redact a message containing information that violates your communication policies.  Overview Some organizations want to prevent users from sending or receiving certain information,...
Manage mobile recording settings
Read on to learn about the available mobile recording settings in the Management Portal. Overview You can edit settings for voice recording, text recording, group messaging, and picture messaging in Mobile Recording  under the Setup  t...
Set allowed applications
How to set the allowed applications for your organization.