Lassen 2 Release Notes | August 2020

Movius Lassen 2 Release Notes

August 2020

These release notes outline new features and enhancements to the Movius MultiLine Solution. These notes will provide details of changes to the MultiLine App and Movius Management Portal.

What's New?

CDR API Enhancements:

This release contains additional parameters in the REST Voice CDR API. These parameters provide additional information that helps more accurately determine the call quality in real time.

New feature - WhatsApp Messaging Connector:

This release contains the WhatsApp Integration into MultiLine. You must have an active MultiLine subscription to activate this add-on feature. 

The new WhatsApp Messaging Connector (currently in BETA) allows MultiLine users to send and receive WhatsApp messages directly within the MultiLine App. The user must simply click the new icon which appears on a contact’s page, alongside calling and texting icons.

MMP and Digital Safe message reports capture the message data where it is as searchable and exportable in the same way as texts. Organizations can also apply the same opt in and lexicon policies that apply to texts to WhatsApp messages.  

Client issues (IOS)

CS-230896 – Fix IOS JPMC: IOS Client - Screen presenting "Phone" instead of "Unknown"

CS-230894 – Fix IOS L2 client - native contact not recreated in certain situations

CS-230879 – Fix IOS Exchange Sync of contacts does not work with a schedule 

CS-230889 – Fix IOS JPMC: When onboarding the client allows that user to customize the name presented when making/receiving calls.  

CS-230888 – Fix IOS JPMC:  Problems in click to dial 

Client Issues (Android)

CS-230849 – Fix Android sls_relationship table not cleaned up causing all calls to be diverted to voicemail for that number

CS-230895 - Fix Android 11 not working on Movius for Blackberry on 2.21 version of the client 

Server Issues

CS-230867 - Fix Digital-safe SMS upload failure

CS-230838 - Fix DS - Format 4 CSV file does not have timestamp in filename

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