Lassen 1 Release Notes | June 2020

Movius Lassen 1 Release Notes

June 2020

These release notes outline new features and enhancements to the Movius MultiLine Solution. These notes will provide details of changes to the MultiLine App and Management Portal.



What’s New?


Design Changes: iOS Push Notification 


Movius made necessary design changes to adapt to Apple’s new guideline for push notifications. Apple made changes to their notification design with the introduction of iOS13 operating system with Xcode 11. Changes in iOS 13 impacted the Movius MultiLine App with regard to push notifications for inbound SMS & Voicemails; and VOIP calling. To support the newer notification design of iOS 13, Movius platform needs both server changes (released first) and updated iOS MultiLine Apps.

Terms and Conditions Updated

Movius renewed the Privacy policy in the Terms and Conditions. In addition to English, the new Terms and Conditons is also available in Spanish and Portuguese languages. Enterprise can choose to accept the policy on behalf of all its users. In that case, users will not be asked to accept the policy while onboarding.

Reliability Enhancements

The release contains bug fixes and enhanced logging for the call quality parameters of the data calls to help with proactive monitoring of quality.

Bug Fixes


The following items are addressed in this release: 

Server CRs

  • CS-230684 and CS-230652: Fixed issues in Ruby.
  • CS-230666 and CS-230665: Fix to ensure that the Digital Safe wait time configurations are not overwritten. The configurations are listed in the monitored_calls file.
  • CS-230654, CS-230653, and CS-230652: Fixed minor errors in Digital Safe.
  • CS-230590: Fix for an issue, where a reporting discrepancy is found in the call timestamp where a call is made before DST and reports for them are downloaded after DST time.
  • CS-230565: Fix for an issue with 2-Factor Authentication OTP being the same on different production servers.
  • CS-230533:Fix for an issue where Guest sends long SMS including emojis to the client, but the client did not receive all the emojis.