Kaziranga Release | February 2020

Movius Kaziranga 3 Release Notes

February 2020 

These release notes outline new features and enhancements to the Movius MultiLine Solution. These notes will provide details of changes to the MultiLine App and Management Portal.

What’s New?

Movius Management Portal

This release introduces a number of changes to the Movius Management Portal to improve the Admin User experience:

"User Permission" dropdown moved for clarityThe “User Permission” dropdown position has been changed to avoid confusion of having two user permissions in the “Add Account” page. When “Assign Number” is clicked, the original “User Permissions” is replaced with UI to select the Phone number and “User Permission” together.



Company profile location movedThe Company profile page has been moved to the Setup Menu. The CIDN label has been renamed to: “Customer ID”.


Default for Consumption MetricsDefault time period for the Consumption Metrics has been changed to the “current cycle”.

Editable FAQ available for all the orgsFrequently Asked Questions section is now available for all the organizations in the MMP. This allows the authorized administrator to view and customize their organization's FAQs.


Account Activity Details: The Account details page in the MMP now shows additional activity information to indicate when the user first logged in / last logged in on the various flavors of the MultiLine solution such as MultiLine Mobile App, Web Client and MultiLine Connector on the Salesforce. The page also gives the version number and instance details of the MultiLine solution. 

Add-On SOC and Tagging: This capability is applicable to paid add-on features. There are five paid add-on features that Movius supports today: Voice Recording, SMS Recording, SMS Opt-In, SMS Redaction and Salesforce Connector. The add-ons are associated with specific SOC codes depending on the carrier. The SOC codes are sent to Movius in a feed along with the MultiLine numbers (PTNs) by the carrier. Each of these features require custom configurations to enable the features. For the first four add-ons, Movius Customer Support (CS) will now create separate sub-orgs under the parent org for the Customer. The sub-orgs would be also be configured for the corresponding feature. The PTNs with the add-on SOC would be placed in the respective sub-orgs so that users who are assigned with the PTNs are enabled with the add-on features.

When PTNs are sent to Movius with the Salesforce add-on SoC, the Movius CS will configure the parent org for the Customer with the Salesforce feature and apply a reservation tag to the PTNs called “SFDC”. The reservation tag will allow the MMP admin to assign the correct PTNs to end-users who need access to the Salesforce add-on. Detailed flows for the add-on processing are provided separately to the carrier.

Movius MultiLine

International Ringback Tone based on the called party: In case of an inbound data (MT) call, the Movius Platform used to play a standard US ringback tone to the calling party. The Movius platform is now enhanced to play a ringback tone that is dependent on the country of the MultiLine number. For example, if a user calls a Singapore MultiLine number, they will hear the ring back tone that is standard to Singapore.

Client changes update without restart: The MultiLine App is now enhanced to update the changes done by MMP admin without the need of restart of application. For example, if the admin changes the theme of the mobile app, the user’s MultiLine will be updated within 24 hours without restart.

Support for .gif files in Picture Messaging: This enhancement to the Picture Messaging feature allows the subscriber to receive and send .gif files along with .jpg, .png, .jpeg formats.

E911 Compliance [US-Only Functionality]: Once a 911 call has been placed from MultiLine, over data, any features that could restrict emergency responders to call back on that number will be disabled for the next 24 hours.  These settings include:

  •  All Manage Availability settings such as 
    1. Business Hours which could restrict the times that MutliLine can accept calls
    2. Do Not Disturb
    3. Call Forwarding
  • All Call Handling settings such as
    1. Simultaneous Ringing
    2. Sequential Ringing
  • Any blocked numbers
  • All SPAM filters that prevent calls from coming through

The user will receive all incoming calls for these 24 hours. However, after 24 hours, settings will reset to what was defined before the 911 call was made. These changes are not applicable if the 911 call is made over minutes because only the native phone number of the user is passed on to the Emergency responders and not the MultiLine number.



Android UI Enhancements: Enhancements are made to the Dailer and Call screens for Android. In particular, Incoming VOIP, Outgoing VOIP, Call Transfer, Call Swap and Call merge screens are modified to accommodate alignment, typography and icon changes. 


User Provisioning REST API

Today, Voice/Message/Data Activity reports can only be extracted through Movius Multiline Portal. API users can now extract Voice/Message/Data reports of all the registered Movius MultiLine users on their system through a REST API. These reports can be extracted and downloaded as a CSV file via the new REST API.

Note: Please refer to the document REST API User Guide for more details.

Digital Safe Archiving Timers

Two new timers enhance the flexibility of Digital Safe recording store and forward capability. There are now timers for retention of recorded data after it has been successfully been archived. There is a time for recorded voice and another timer for SMS recordings. The purpose of these new timers is to retain archived data as a safeguard in case there was a problem with the archived files after they were archived to the customer’s data center. This allows the customer to re-archive the data. 

Prior to this feature, archived files were purged (destroyed) during the next daily purge cycle.

Because many customers have privacy concerns regarding retention of data longer than absolutely necessary, the default for these timers is zero. This disables this feature and maintains the earlier functionality of immediately scheduling a purge of archived data.

Individual customers that wish to use this feature should open a support ticket that indicates the number of days they wish to retain archived data.

Clients to Support Georedundancy Migration

As part of to rollout of georedundant sites for Movius Multiline solutions in the US market, there is a need to force clients to change their IP routing and/or their set of relationship numbers.A new client capability allows Movius to push a notification to the clients that instructs the clients to request updated primary/secondary IP addresses and updated Relationship Number definitions. 

This capability does not affect existing functionality and will be deployed worldwide. 

Poor Network Connectivity Indicator

Movius MultiLine will now indicate to the end-user if the network connectivity is poor on the device when a data call is underway. A visual message accompanied by audible beeps will indicate to the user that the network connectivity is poor and hence call quality issues might be experienced.

Bug Fixes



Server CRs 


Fix for an issue where call recording prompt was not heard in some scenarios.


Fix for an issue where the monthly Orbic report did not show all the active lines.


Fix for a customer issue where the MultiLine app onboarding process results in a previously assigned number to be associated with the physical device.


Fix for CDR reporting failures on the UK3 platform.


Server side fix where a software was overwriting the call recording hotfix

Client CRs


Fix for an iOS issue where incoming mode changed from data to minutes automatically without user input.


Fix for an iOS issue where the SMS sent to the SML App was delayed.


Fix for an iOS issue where there was a delay in message delivery on SML.


Fix for an iOS issue with the Orbic Plus1 App, where the customer was unable to onboard on data and received an error message: ‘’Generic Error’’.


Fix for an Android issue where if the MultiLine passcode is enabled, the user is always prompted to enter the MultiLine passcode after unlocking the phone, irrespective of which App is being used currently.


Fix for an issue where the Android SML App was not showing the custom logo branding, even if the branding was set correctly in MMP.


Fix for a one-way audio issue while using the Android MultiLine App on a Google Pixel device.


Fix for an Android issue where the back button didn’t work to exit out of the SML.


Fix in iOS where the user was unable to copy a number from messages