Joshua Tree Release | October 2019

Movius Joshua Tree-2 Release Notes

October 2019

The release notes outline new features and enhancements to the Movius MultiLine Solution. These notes will provide details of changes to the MultiLine App and Management Portal.

What’s New?

Plus1 Multiline now supports multiple enhanced features for individual users.

Number Porting: Plus1 Multiline supports porting of numbers. Users in the US have the capability to port their existing wireline/wireless numbers from any carrier to Plus1 Multiline application. Users can also choose to continue using their ported number within the plus1 Multiline application.

Default State Picker: Plus1 Multiline defaults to New York (NY) state for users during their new employee onboarding. Users have the option to change the state if they do not want a New York number.

Report Enhancement: An updated report, to include activation, expiration and renewal dates of the different plans, will be sent to Sprint and Orbic on a daily basis. This is a change from the monthly report that was shared with Sprint.

MMS Support: Plus1 Multiline supports Multimedia messaging (MMS) and includes picture and group messaging.

Picture messaging: Users can send/receive picture messages that are .jpg, .jpeg, or .png. Both Android and iOS users have ability to take a photo with their camera or select an image from their existing photo gallery.

Additional Notes: 

  • Picture messaging is only available for customers in the US.
  • Granting MultiLine access to your native Photos and Camera is required.
  • Picture Messaging is CALEA compliant.
  • Videos and other file formats are not currently supported. If a user attempts to send or receive a message containing an unsupported file format, both parties will receive an error.

 A screenshot of a cell phone

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Group MessagingUsers are able to send / receive messages from a group of participants. (Max of 11 recipients per group message) 

 Additional Notes: 

  • Group messaging is only available for customers in the US.
  • If a participant is removed or added to the existing thread, a new group conversation will be created.



  • Android only: The Minutes Overlay was removed, which was displayed whenever the user made/received a minutes call. The call information that was in the overlay will now be shown within the call progress screen.
  • Enhancement to iOS and Android message notification banners
  • In-App UI Enhancements to iOS and Android
  • iOS 13 replaces the popup message while making an outbound minutes call with an action sheet. To complement this change, new background information to guide the user about the action sheet is introduced in the iOS App. This change is applicable only if the user has iOS 13+.

Please see the screenshots below regarding the end-to-end flow while making an outbound minutes call.

Removal of Caller ID in Movius for Blackberry:

Movius for BlackBerry supports a new feature where you can turn off the caller ID to be displayed on the device, when you make an outbound minutes call. By opting/enabling this option, Caller ID will not be saved in the native call logs and native contact. This feature is controlled by Movius. To enable or disable this feature, request must come through Movius support.  

Bug Fixes



Server CRs


Fix an issue with MMS where automated messages are not sent to a guest who sends a video/unsupported file to a MultiLine user (unsupported MMS Media).


Fix an issue where a user, with an 808 area code native number, trying to onboard MultiLine is not receiving OTP via SMS .


Fix for an issue where CALEA is not triggered when MMS is sent from one MulitLine user to another MultiLine user.

Android CRs


Fix an issue with the Movius for BlackBerry Android App, where client logs (for issue debugging) could be sent via any App outside the BlackBerry container. With this fix only BlackBerry Work would be able to send the logs from the Movius for BlackBerry App.