Iris | Movius Platform Update

Movius May-June 2022 Server Release Notes 

Read on to learn what’s new with the API and Server.



Start Date & Time

End Date & Time


Friday 15-July-2022, 12:00 pm EDT

Friday 15-July-2022, 5:30 pm EDT


Friday 15-July-2022, 9:00 pm EDT

Saturday 16-July-2022, 02:00 am EDT


Saturday 16-July-2022, 01:00 am EDT

Saturday 16-July-2022, 06:00 am EDT

What's New in Salesforce?

  • Improvements to Click-to-Text
    • All messages, texts, and call logs are tagged with Account ID, Lead ID, Contact ID, or Opportunity ID, as necessary. Messages from unknown numbers are tagged with their unknown number
  • Content from the Notes field is copied to the Comments field on the Call Details page. 

What's New in Server?

  • Scam Likely Voicemail Challenge
    • Even with the introduction of the latest spam protection algorithms, users still receive voicemails left by spam callers, usually a few seconds of silence. To reduce these voicemails, numbers that are tagged as Scam Likely must press "7" to leave a voicemail. This ensures that in the case of a false positive, real callers will be able to leave voicemails, but robocallers will fail the challenge and be unable to leave a voicemail. 

What's New in API?

  • You can now get the list of allowed applications for an organization with the List Applications API.