Guide to using the Help Center

Read on to learn about this Help Center and how you can find what you need.


This Help Center provides materials for the following audiences:

  • End users of the MultiLine service
    • MultiLine administrators using Management Portal
    • Front-line employees using MultiLine apps
  • Enterprise IT admins and compliance teams
  • Movius partners

Information on this Help Center is organized into Categories and articles. Categories appear as clickable squares or as as headings for a group of articles. You can find information (1) by browsing the categories, (2) by expanding the menu on the left-hand side, or (3) by using the Search feature at the top.

Three ways of navigating the Help Center from the landing page

Headings (such as Get Started MultiLine) can be clicked to display all the information, or you can click on the article individually.

Hyperlinks can be created to individual articles, to share specific information, and categories, to share a group of related information. 

Articles are often published in multiple categories so that they're easily found by browsing. 


  • Most information on the Home page is targeted towards application end-users. 
  • MultiLine Admin: Using Management Portal is targeted towards administrators.
  • Enterprise Resources Hub collects all the information for each Movius product in one spot. 
  • Release Notes publishes end-user facing news on client and server updates.

Get Started

  • Get Started Guides contain information about installation and activation of products for end-users.


  • Troubleshooting articles help resolve common problem scenarios. 
    • End-User troubleshooting appears contextually with other Help information.
    • There is a sub-category in MultiLine Administrators category for troubleshooting.


  • FAQ articles help answer common questions. 
    • The FAQ on the home page is targeted towards end-users of the application.
    • FAQs for MultiLine Administrators is within their own category. 
    • FAQs for Partners and Enterprise are within the Enterprise Resource Hub.

Product Documents

  • Product documents provide a detailed feature tour and explanation of a product. These are mostly found in the Enterprise Resource Hub. 

Use Cases

  • Coming soon