What is MultiLine?

Read on to learn about the MultiLine communications solution.


MultiLine apps provide users a separate business number for all work calls, texts, voicemail, and contacts on their smart phone.

Most organizations choose us because they want to provide you a separate business identity on your phone. You'll be able to do all your work calling and messaging on a separate phone number, so you can keep your personal one private. 

Mobile app

MultiLine mobile apps provide a separate dialer, call and message log, voicemail, and business features. You'll use this app whenever you want to make a call or send a message using your MultiLine number. 

Because the MultiLine number is a real carrier-supported number, you don't need an internet connection to call your clients, but can use the cellular minutes. You'll learn more about this in Call Settings: Set Data or Minutes calling modes.

Desktop app

With the Desktop app, you'll be able to use your MultiLine number from the browser or a desktop application. So whether you're at your computer or on the go, your communication connection is unbreakable.

Additional Features

MultiLine can integrate into existing corporate app ecosystems. Your organization chooses how they deploy MultiLine, so your organization may or may not have some of the possible features and settings.

  • SSO lets you access your MultiLine using your corporate credentials
  • MultiLine for Social Messaging lets you send messages to WhatsApp, WeChat, or other social messaging platforms from the MultiLine app.  
  • MultiLine for PBX lets you answer MultiLine calls from your mobile app, or existing PBX desk phone. This can allow that number to be used for SMS, or allow you to take calls on the go. 
  • MultiLine for Microsoft Teams Voice lets you make and receive calls using your MultiLine number on Microsoft Teams. 
  • MultiLine for Microsoft Teams Messages lets you send SMS or Social Messages from Teams.