Get started with MultiLine Voicemail

Read this to learn how to record your voicemail greeting and listen to voicemails. 


The MultiLine application provides you a separate voicemail to use for your business calling. 

Before you start

  • You need to be connected to the internet when updating your Voicemail greeting. 
  • Your organization can turn off voicemail features. If so, you may not see all the options described here. 

Record your Voicemail greeting

Use Voicemail Greeting from the Settings menu to set up a voicemail greeting. You have three options: the default message, a custom message, and a message that includes audio of you speaking your name. 

  1. Tap the menu icon ⋮ in the bottom right (iOS) or upper right-hand corner (Android).
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Voicemail Greeting.
  4. You have three options for setting your Voicemail Greeting:

    A. Default: This application comes with a default setting that callers will hear when leaving a voicemail. For an example MultiLine number "+15555555555", the greeting is "You have reached +15555555555, please leave your message after the tone".
    B. Custom: Allows the user to set a customized voicemail greeting. Once you have recorded a voicemail greeting, you can hit Play to listen to it, or Record if you want to re-do it. This can be done or redone at any time.
    C. Spoken Name: Allows the user to record their name. Once you have recorded your name, you can hit Play to listen to it, or Record if you want to re-do it. This can be done or redone at any time.

Listen to Voicemails

Movius MultiLine has embedded voicemail allowing callers to leave a message.


  1. Go to the Messages tab.
  2. Voicemail messages are indicated by Voicemail icons. Tap anywhere to expose the options.
  3. Click the Play icon to play the message. 
    • The speaker icon lets you play the Voicemail on speaker phone. 
    • The phone icon lets you call the party back.
    • The speech bubble icon lets you message the party back. 
    • The trash icon lets you delete the message. 
    • The info icon will pull up the Contact Details page, where you can see history with the contact or WhatsApp message the party back. 


  1. Go to the Messages tab. Voice messages are indicated by a voicemail icon.
  2. Click the menu down arrow to expose the options. 
  3. Click the Play icon. 

You can also call back, message back, view contact (see call history and Whatsapp message back) or delete the voicemail from this screen.