How do I contact support?

When you need help from support, tap your Settings menu, then Help.

  1. Go to Settings
    1. iOS:  Tap Settings from the bottom menu
    2. Android: Tap the Settings menu icon โ‹ฎ in the upper right.
  2. Tap Settings, then Help
  • Email a Log to Support: 
    • If you've been requested to email logs, tap the email link to generate an email which will include logs to send to support. 
    • Add your explanation of the problem at the top of the generated email and send.
      • Send logs as soon as possible after a problem occurs, and include the time and date of the problem if you can.
  • Call Support: 
    • Tap the number to place the call using your MultiLine app. 

  • Run Diagnostics: If you've been requested to run diagnostics tap Run Diagnostics
    • This will help identify any issues that may be causing a problem, and will generate a diagnostic report you can email to support.

We recommend using the above steps any time you can because you'll best be supported by contacting your organization's IT support and emailing logs.  

The more details you can provide us to resolve your issue the better:

  • Details of the problem experienced
  • Application having the problem (Examples: MultiLine for Intune, MultiLine Desktop, Salesforce connector)
  • Environment
    • For mobile apps: Phone OS (Examples: Android, iOS)
    • For Desktop apps: Internet browser (Examples: Chrome, Internet Explorer)
  • Time the problem occurred (include timezone)
  • If reporting a call or messaging issue, phone number dialed
  • Name of your organization

How do I solve call quality issues, dropped calls, or connection errors?


MultiLine apps are built to continuously monitor the quality of connection and smartly adapt to changing network conditions to deliver exceptional call quality. However, when making calls in certain environments, you may need to take steps to ensure you have the right settings to make sure you connect to the best available signal. 

Before you start

  • Your organization can choose to restrict certain call settings. If so, you may not see all the call settings described. 
  • MultiLine apps depend on the quality of the data or minutes connection, if no good quality connection is available poor call quality will result.

Connection Errors and Dropped Calls

If you're seeing an error message telling you that you're offline or have an unstable internet connection, or the app stalls at a connection screen, or calls drop, there are a few possible resolutions. 

MultiLine apps continuously monitor the status of your internet connection. We display this to you using a colored dot on the briefcase badge in the upper left of the screen. 

  • If you see a green dot, this means MultiLine detects a good Internet connection.
  • If you see the red dot, this means MultiLine doesn't detect a good Internet connection. 
    • This could be due to a poor Wi-Fi connection or because you're in an area that isn't getting good signal. 

Example: MultiLine detects a good connection (green dot)

Example: MultiLine detects a bad connection (red dot)

Switch to Minutes

If you already know that you're in an area without Wi-Fi or a good Data connection, then the best option is to use Minutes mode.

  • Before making a call from the keypad, switch the toggle to Minutes.
  • Go into your Call Settings and switch to Minutes Only to make calls over Minutes.
  • Go into your Call Settings and switch to Minutes Only to receive calls over Minutes.

You can also check the following:

The red icon sometimes appears when Wi-Fi and Mobile Data are turned off in your Phone Settings.

  • Do you have Wi-Fi turned on?
  • Do you have Mobile Data turned on?
  • Have you accidentally turned on Airplane mode?
    • Airplane mode turns off Wi-Fi and Mobile Data.

Are you connected to the correct Wi-Fi in your Phone Settings?

  • Did you accidentally sign into the wrong Wi-Fi network? 
  • If you only have a few bars of Wi-Fi signal, you may need to connect to better Wi-Fi or to Mobile Data in your Phone Settings.

If you're connected to Mobile Data, how many bars do you have?

  • If you only have 1 or 2 bars, your call quality may not be good and you should either connect to Wi-Fi or switch to Minutes.

If you see a green dot, but still face issues, please send logs to support

Call Quality Issues

What makes MultiLine different from other apps that provide you an additional number, is that we enable you with a real number provided by a carrier. This means you can make calls from our app using the mobile voice network, data, or WiFi. We've built the MultiLine app to be low bandwidth so that it won't degrade your call experience. 

Our patented technology and Call Settings give you a lot of options, but just like when you make calls from your phone normally, your call quality can be impacted by your mobile device and your environment.

See Call Settings: Set Data or Minutes calling modes for more information.

Do some connection troubleshooting 

  • Keep a charged battery 
    • One of the easiest things anyone can do is to make sure you keep your battery charged. Having a low battery can cause your connection quality to drop significantly. 
    • Most cellphones have “power-saving” settings to decrease battery usage, enable this at peak business hours and you’ll still receive notifications, calls, and messages from the MultiLine app.  

Troubleshooting data 

If you’re using data and seem to be having connection issues, there are a few things to keep in mind.  

  • Try to find a better place to take calls. 
    • It’s best to be somewhere free from interfering electronics or signal-blocking obstacles such as concrete walls, trees, or hills. Try moving near an open window, going upstairs, or stepping outside, if possible.  
  • Try resetting your Network Settings. 
    • Consult your phone’s instruction manual to do this. Sometimes a reset is just the ticket to improve your connection.  
  • Try going hands–free.  
    • You may not know that the way you hold your phone could be causing your own hand or face to block the signal. Just make sure you place the phone vertically on a surface in an area where you get good signal. 

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi 

Fortunately, with MultiLine, you can choose to use Wi–Fi instead of data if your signal isn’t great in your home. However, if you’re sharing your Wi–Fi with family your connection may be affected by the traffic from your family’s devices. You also may reconsider your Wi–Fi setup to meet your needs now that you or other family members are working or studying from home.  

  • Try turning your router off and on again. 
    • Sometimes a simple reset is all it takes to get better signal for everyone.  
  • Try moving your router. 
    • Your router needs to be in a place where the signal won’t be blocked by objects or people. Many common electronics such as TVs, microwaves, washing machines can block signal. Even wall studs can interfere with your signal.  
  • Try changing your Wi-Fi channel. 
    • All routers come with the ability to broadcast on 6 different channels. Most people use the default of channel 1 or channel 6, so if you live in an apartment complex, you may improve performance by switching to a lesser used Wi-Fi channel. Consult your router’s manual for how to adjust this setting.  
  • Try splitting your Wi–Fi band. 
    • This improves speeds by decreasing interference from the multiple devices that are using the Wi-Fi, by routing their traffic to separate bands. If your office is near the router, the 5 GHz wireless frequency is typically faster and less busy than the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency.

Why is my phone not "waking up" to notify me I received a MultiLine SMS?

iOS and Android both allow every user to set up different notification settings for each application on an individual basis.  It is likely that your settings for Notifications may need modification if you want MultiLine Text Messages to "Wake up" your phone when it is on the Lock Screen "Sleep" status. 


  1. Navigate to your device Settings
  2. Tap on NotificationSettings, then on MultiLine.
  3. Check the box that allows Lock Screen notifications. 
    • Ensure MultiLine is allowed to freely show Banners and Notifications related to your incoming MultiLine calls. 

Here are the optimized iOS Notification settings:


Options will vary, but within MultiLine tab inside the Notifications section of the device Settings.

  •  Show Notifications and Appear on Top selections should both be set to Allowed.  
  • Notifications has several submenu items which can be set to Sound and Popup to enable incoming texts and calls to generate both types of notifications; shown in the image below.

When I make or receive calls, why do I see a number that I do not recognize?

When Movius MultiLine is set to use the regular minutes in your carrier plan, you may notice a different number together with the one you are calling or getting the call from.

Don’t worry – it’s supposed to do that. We call that number a routing number and its purpose is to relay the calls through our service to display your Movius MultiLine caller ID and keep your personal phone number private.  We associate routing numbers with your contacts and use these routing numbers whenever you place or receive a call on Minutes mode.

If you are a MultiLine user in U.S., the Movius Routing Numbers you will see are from the 913 area code (Kansas). If you are a MultiLine user in the UK, the Movius Routing numbers you will see are UK 07 mobile numbers.

Why is my ringtone different in Minutes mode than Data mode?

When using Minutes mode for incoming calls, the ringtone is based on your Phone settings. When using Data mode for incoming calls, the ringtone is based on your MultiLine settings. 

Read on to learn how to change the notification/ring sounds on your MultiLine in your settings.


You can set separate notification sounds for receiving calls and texts on MultiLine when using Data mode. 

Before you start 

  • If you're using Minutes mode, MultiLine will use the notification and ring sounds that are set in your Phone Settings. 

Edit ringtone and notification preferences

You can change the notification/ring sounds on your MultiLine in your settings.

  1. Tap the menu icon โ‹ฎ in the bottom right (iOS) or upper right-hand corner (Android).
  2. Tap Settings then tap Sounds.
    1. To change the ring for Data calls, click Ringtone (for Data calls) and select a ringtone.
      • Select Silent to silence your Ringtone. 
    2. To change the message notification click Message Notification, and select a notification sound.
    3. To change the voicemail notification, click Voicemail Notification and select a notification sound. 
    4. To add a vibration alert for calls and messages, tap to turn on the toggle. Tap again to remove vibration alert.

Why aren't my clients seeing my MultiLine number as my caller ID?

Please check that you have enabled caller ID in Multiline application in Settings > Call Settings > Show my caller ID.

How do I update my MultiLine app?

We recommend turning on automatic updates for your MultiLine app. However, you can also choose to update manually if you prefer. 

How do I find my MultiLine app version number?

To find your app version for troubleshooting purposes, go to Settings, then Help, then About Us

If you can't open the app, you can find your app version. 


  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to General > Usage
  3. Find the Storage section and a list of your apps should appear
  4. Find and tap on the MultiLine app to see App info and find the version number


  1. Tap and hold the MultiLine app to reveal the menu and select "App Info"
  2. The version number will appear at the very bottom of this screen. 

If the instructions above aren't applicable to your device or phone OS, try searching the web for "Find version number for app" for your specific device or phone OS.

I reinstalled MultiLine, but lost my invitation. What should I do?

You can only receive the credentials necessary to activate MultiLine from a MultiLine invitation. Contact your IT organization to request a new invitation. 

  • Movius or Movius representatives can't send you new invitations. You can only receive invitations from someone in your IT organization. 
  • You can only use your invitation to activate MultiLine on one mobile phone. If you activate MultiLine on a new device, the app will be automatically unactivated on the other device. 
  • If you receive Multiple invitations for any reason, you should always use the password from the latest invitation you received. 
  • When you set a password for the MultiLine Desktop app, this does not change your activation password. Always use the password from the invitation to activate mobile apps.

Error: Current version is not supported, please upgrade to latest version from Play store/ App store

It's always important to update your applications, MultiLine included. Updates may include new features, security updates, and bug fixes. If you see this message, your admin has set the minimum version allowed. You won't be able to continue using the MultiLine app until you update the app. 

We recommend turning on automatic updates for your MultiLine app. However, you can also choose to update manually if you prefer. 

If you face further difficulty, contact your IT administrator. To help them assist you, include the version of the MultiLine app you have installed, your version of iOS or Android OS, and your version of the App Store or Play Store. 

Error: Invalid Company / Org ID. Please try again.

Due to security reasons, we can't be more specific about what went wrong with your credentials. If you've typed in your credentials exactly as included in your invitation there are a few reasons you may see this error:

  • You received a more recent invitation that has replaced your older invitation
  • You used MultiLine with another organization previously, and they did not delete your user account (you can only have one MultiLine account)
  • You are supposed to port in the number on your device to MultiLine and get a new number for your personal, but you haven't swapped your SIM card with a new one before onboarding

Also try...

  1. Make sure to type the Company / Org ID from your invitation slowly and carefully with no typos. 
    • If for any reason you’ve received multiple invitations, use the most recent credentials.
  2. Temporarily turn off the WiFi connection for your phone when typing in the credentials.   
    • Turn off WiFi
    • We recommend using an active cellular Data connection if you face issues because some device’s security settings may block transmission of the credentials over a WiFi connection.
  3. When prompted for your phone number to send the PIN, make sure you're entering your active personal phone number of the device (not the MultiLine number, or a number that is being ported into MultiLine service).  
    1. A PIN will be sent via text message immediately to this personal phone number.   
    2. Enter the received PIN into the MultiLine application when asked.
  4. If you continue to get the Invalid Company / Org ID error, uninstall the MultiLine application from your phone, reinstall the MultiLine application, and re-try using the Credential information included on your invitation. 
  5. If additional guidance or a complete new set of credentials is needed, please contact your company administrator using the information in the invitation.

Emergency numbers 911 and 988

Read on to learn about using emergency numbers with MultiLine. 

The following emergency numbers are only supported in the United States. 


911 is the number for emergency services in the United States. 

Dialing 911 is supported on the following:

  • MultiLine, Movius for BlackBerry, and MultiLine for Intune mobile apps
  • Desktop applications 
  • Microsoft Teams Calling
  • MultiLine for Salesforce utility

What happens if I call 911?

  •  The call will be connected to emergency services. 
    • If you call using Minutes mode, the call is made through your phones native SIM, the same way as if you called without using MultiLine. 
    • If you call using Data or WiFi mode, the call to 911 is made through Movius using your MultiLine number.

Note: When MultiLine mobile app users turn on Data or WiFi settings for the first time, MultiLine automatically prompts you to enter your required 911 information. Movius uses this information to connect your call to 911. 

What happens if I text 911?

  • If you text 911 from a MultiLine mobile application your text to 911 goes through your phones native SIM, the same way as if you texted without using MultiLine.
  • If you text 911 from any MultiLine desktop application your text to 911 is processed by Movius, but if Movius can't determine your physical location, your text will be rejected and you'll receive a text asking you to call 911. 


Dialing 988 routes calls to the nationwide suicide prevention hotline, 1-800-273-8255.

Dialing 988 is supported on the following:

  • MultiLine, Movius for BlackBerry, and MultiLine for Intune mobile apps
  • Desktop applications 
  • Microsoft Teams Calling
  • MultiLine for Salesforce utility

What happens if I call 988?

  • The call will be connected to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255. 
    • If you call using Minutes mode, the call is made through your phones native SIM, the same way as if you called without using MultiLine. 
    • If you call using  a Desktop version of MultiLine, or Mobile using Data or WiFi mode, the call to 988 is made through Movius using your MultiLine number.

What happens if I text 988? 

  • 1-800-273-8255 does not accept text messages. You will receive the reply “988 service does not accept text messages. Please call 988.”

Rest assured that if you need to use 911 or 988, whether you call using Minutes or Data modes, these calls will be excluded from any recording or reporting functions. No one at your employer will be able to see you called these numbers.

Still receiving MultiLine calls after deleting the app


I'm no longer with the organization requiring MultiLine and I deleted the app, but I am still receiving calls from MultiLine. 


Your number is still associated with the MultiLine number in the Management Portal. 


The MultiLine administrator on your company's IT team needs to deactivate your account. Provide your name and personal number to the IT team and let them know you're still receiving MultiLine calls and need your account deactivated in Management Portal.